Progress Thread Jewel Green street/strip 92 LX progress thread

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  1. geez sorry to see that sucks. What cam are you running again? I wonder if the stands are to blame.
  2. Cam is a custom :nice:FTI Ed Curtis .664/.633 lift 238*/248* duration, 110*lobe separation.

    What are your thought on the stands?

    I was concerned about the bolts in the stands backing off or something so late in the fall after a couple hundred miles of brake in, after I put the car away for the winter I pulled all the rockers so some of the springs are not sitting compressed for 5 months. Upon reassembly in the spring I retorqued all the stands to 45ft lbs with ARP molly (7/16 bolt).

    Building the motor I even was concerned about lack of bolt length with the .25" plate under the stand so I had bought .25" longer bolts from ARP so I had .5" depth of bolt going into head which is what the rocker studs are. There were no short cuts taking on putting this thing together, I wanted it to last a few years and possibly sell the engine at some point:shrug:.

    It just burns me up just thinking about it:mad::mad:!

    The best part is I have to pull the motor and trans together because of the headers. There is no way to pull the headers in the car.

    I guess the only good thing is I get to see a good comparison of what she made with these heads and what it will make with my new heads. Yes incase you missed it I bought a set of Dart Pro1 195cc as cast. According to Dart they out flow my AFR 185 by 20cfm. AFR heads are based on my flow numbers that I flowed on a Super Flow 1020 bench last summer. I will be getting into the darts later this fall to see what they flow out of box and what they flow when I get done with them.

    I may have her back together tomorrow using a .25" plate tieing all the stands together, if it works I will take it easy going to the local car show on Sunday. I just finished making the plate, so far so good.
  3. I'm sorry if I missed this earlier in the thread, but what headers are you running? It looks like a SBF flange with a different set of tubes welded on? Or something custom? In any case, those Dart heads should flow some serious numbers on the bench after porting. Good luck and keep us posted! :nice:
  4. too tired to read thread again, are those Jesel rockers? If you're positive you have the correct pushrod length and valvetrain geometery I would guess that it's just a bad casting. Sounds like you really thought things through, with the longer bolts and all.
  5. Headers are Bassani 1 ¾ to 1 7/8 long tube headers. They sit low on car so I had a steel plate welded to the lower tubes so the would not get more crunched then they already were that makes them impossible to disassemble one by one.

    They are Probe rockers 1.6:1...You can not see it clearly by the picture but the exhaust scrub is very easy to see, dead center about a .090 sweep. Intake is not quite as nice because intake and exhaust are not at the same height and because of more lift on the intake. Intake is around .160 scrub, but still on center. I spent a lot of time on mock up with an adjustable pushrod to make sure I was getting the most lift at the valve.

  6. Deep emerald green FTW!:nice:
  7. Thanks!
    New pictures:nice:...
  8. Man I love those chrome wheels with that color! Looks awesome. What's in the front for springs? coil-overs?
  9. nice car scott very clean
  10. very nice build! did you send the heads in yet?
  11. hehe 4x4 otherwise car looks good
  12. Yes I know:nonono:
    Well I tried to drop it but the coilovers are getting close to the 9" rims to drop it any more in the front. Have measured front to back and the front does sit higher:nonono:. Not sure I guess I need a softer springs?

    Cobra yes coil overs.

    Have not sent the heads off yet.

  13. Car went to Team Z for in floor subs, welded up torque boxes and anti roll bar back in November. Kind of been dragging my feet on putting it back together, still a long way from being ready for the road/track, have a lot of work to do yet.

    Have engine, trans out, partially gutted interior, and fuel tank out. Went thru trans replacing Scyros and shift fork ware pads. Rear end is also out and got a fresh coat of paint. I am currently waiting for warmer weather to paint underneath car and inside car floor subs and floor pan. Fuel tank is now sumped and is also freshly painted.

    I also have a set of brand new AFR 205 heads with a new Super Victor intake. Everything else will be the same on the engine. So at some point I will go back to the dyno and see what I gained.
    The awaited flow numbers of an AFR 205 flowed on a 4.030 bore at 28"

    lift IN_205 EX_205
    0.05 33.9 26.8
    0.1 68.1 62.3
    0.15 108 88.6
    0.2 147 112.7
    0.25 182.6 138.2
    0.3 209.9 161.1
    0.35 234.5 180.9
    0.4 258.4 197.1
    0.45 275.5 213.5
    0.5 282.6 222.3
    0.55 291.3 226.5
    0.6 297.4 229.5
    0.65 303.1 231.3
    0.7 309.2 232.9

    About what I expected as AFR flows on a 4.125 and gets about 330 out of the intake. I did not think 309 was bad for a 4" bore. I really wanted to try a 2.05" intake but the stems are 5/16 and my flow guy did not have a valve that size:(.

  14. hey scott , that hood fit looks excellent is that a cervinis?
  15. Yes sir cervinis
  16. Very cool, man! I've seen numbers from a flow test of AFR 205s on a 4.030" bore before, and they were almost identical to yours. It wasn't flowed above .600", though, so it was cool to see that. Just goes to show how much bore size can affect flow numbers, there really is a shrouding effect with the cylinder wall.
  17. Nik,
    That is because my cam is .664/.633 lift. Actually did some port area calculation and found based on my flow numbers of my AFR’s are more efficient head compared to TW. This is based on your flow numbers from TEA, also is based at .6” lift flow numbers only between the two heads. Calculation used: CFM at .6”/port area.

    Just want to share my latest progress...
    Well this car has been sitting on jack stands since coming back from Team Z since mid December. I ended up doing some more welding and cleaned and primed and painted everything underneath and the floor pans. I used a single stage Sherwin Williams paint. It was my first experience with a sprayer. I had a little snag when welding ended up starting the passenger side panel and seat belts on fire:mad:.
    Part causality: headliner, quarter trim panel, both front and rear seat belts passenger side.

    Anyone have a passenger side quarter trim and front and rear seat belts in Titanium? Plan to check a junk yard or two this week.

    Have the rear end painted black as well as the fuel tank. Anyone have a picture of the top of fuel tank with the foam? I would like to replace the foam that was removed at the sand blaster. I think it was all on the lower part of the tank around the fuel gage sender.

    Thank you,


    Primed on Thursday…

    Painted body color on Saturday…

    Fuel tank sumped and painted.

    Now I just need to hit it hard and get her back together! My goal is to have it back together and running by the end of the month:nice:!
  18. Wow, the paint looks really good, man. Sorry to hear about the interior parts, though!

    If you don't mind me asking, what port area did you use for the heads?
  19. Thanks!

    I have the numbers at home...they are also in your build thread I believe page 6.

  20. Did you just use the port dimensions at the gasket surface, or did you attempt to calculate average cross sectional area (ACSA) by dividing the volume by the port length? I've seen various methods that attempt to describe port efficiency, and I'm always curious! Some head porters will talk about ACSA and MCSA (minimum), and stuff like that. Makes me wish I knew more about it.