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  1. Found a good Cyber Monday deal on a JLT CAI. Is JLT a good manufacturer for intakes?
  2. Yes, one of the more popular ones. They require a tune though, FYI.
  3. yeah it comes with free and custom BAMA tunes from American Muscle. I can do the tunes myself correct?
  4. I ordered the same combo last week before the sale. Yes, you can upload the tunes yourself. It takes like 15 minutes.
  5. sweet!! and another thing.. haha i just bought the Borla ATAK system for my 2008 Mustang GT/CS 4.6L V8. Any information on it before I put it on? Its just the axle back. I just want to make sure its not super loud and annoying.
  6. I've never heard the Borlas personally. I think that's the louder of their systems though.
  7. yeah thats wht im getting NOONE has heard this exhaust. this will be a fun experiment haha. thanks alot man you been alot of help!!!

  8. Not the greatest mic on this guy's camera, but it might help.
  9. I installed my tune (89 hybrid) and CAI last night. Really woke the car up! Should have done it sooner. Install was fairly easy.
  10. Awesome! Did you decide on an exhaust?
  11. I'll either be going with the Pypes Violators or the MAC mufflers over on AM if I buy new. I really like the sound of the MAC setup, but I like the price of the Pypes better. This is assuming I don't find a good deal on something used off of eBay. I've been watching both Flowmaster, Pypes, and the MAC stuff. Don't see much MAC stuff come across, but Flows and the Pypes are pretty common.
  12. ok I have made my decision haha. I bought the Borla ATAK system. My main worry is the installation. A buddy of mine and I are going to install it this weekend. Should it be fairly easy? We are going to use ramps, jacks, and a jack stand.. should it be fairly easy to install from there?
  13. Axle-back? You shouldn't have any problems. Just requires basic hand tools, maybe some PB Blaster for tough/stuck bolts.
  14. yeah just the axel back. Thats what I have been reading putting it up on sunday and than installing!!
  15. Yeah, exhaust is easy to install. Hit the bolts with some PB Blaster the night before, and the morning of, and you should be fine.

    Get some video when you get them on!
  16. got the video on a buddies phone. ran the car without a muffler and sounded sick. got the driver side muffler on but its kinda crooked :( hits the bumper a little and well is starting to melt it