Mach 1 JLT RAI

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  1. Does anyone have one of these? I'm thinking of buying one, but have read that there could be some issues with the fit. I want to go with the RAI as opposed to the CAI due to the fact that my Mach gets driven in the rain sometimes. Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks. :SNSign:
  2. You'll love it. You won't have any issues with the RAI, now the CAI takes some time and work.
  3. i have the jlt rai and dont have any problems. you have to cut about an inch off the little rubber hose going to your valve cover (dont know the name) but it fits fine. and for the $100 and 3 hp difference compared to the cai its def the way to go. good luck. i bought mine off of mustangtuning or whatever the new name is..americanmuscle or something like that.
  4. Worth IT

    Hey man...
    Get a JLT RAI and raise the Shaker a little more than a quarter of an inch and you're set. Man does it perform....I'm Keeping mine on there till I get a blower, so it'll be on there for a while.
  5. Instructions

    Here are some step by step instructions, with pictures, to help you raise your shaker, if you want to.
  6. Or you could go with another option. Since I am constantly changing my Mustang in the advantage of power, I would also recommend this site is a self made raiser that raises the scoop higher into the air stream even higher than you could from adjusting it like in the directions. For optimum flow, this would definately compliment your RAI.
  7. I got one, and assoon as i installed it i could actually feel a difference, especially in 3rd gear. I don't mean like a difference that's barely there like most intakes, but a real strong pull from the midrange on
  8. Hmm, all these positive comments about the JLT kit makes me wish I would have gotten one of those instead of my K&N.... :nonono:

    Though, i'm sure there really isn't much difference between the two performance wise.
  9. ...... accidently posted the same message twice, but there's not 'Delete' button that I see. :rolleyes:
  10. buy one and compare the two... there not expensive so if there isn't much of a difference you're not out a lot of money. I think there is a difference though :shrug:

    btw, mine was pulling like crazy before i got it tuned and the car was running super rich. after i got it tuned i couldn't tell what was what but i could tell that the car in itself was like 200% faster