John Deere pictures......As requested...

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  1. that thing got a hemi?
  2. what is all that stuff? i see a tractor and a lawn mower... the other stuff, no idea
  3. Im no farmer but I know its about a million dollars in equipment....

    Ones a combine, Planter behind the tractor, those bins are for harvest crop.
  4. I would rather have that than the Skyline in the other thread.
  5. lol, who requested to see those.

    Are they yours? If so, you're really seroius. :nice:
  6. what do those things run on the quarter mile?
  7. sweet! I wanna drive one of the big ass 8 wheeled ones
  8. top speed on the big tractors is like 26.8 mile per probably takes them a 1/4 mile to get that fast too....

    my dad is a farmer, we have like 400 acres

    who requested not sure let me look it was in my FR500 thread someone wanted to see more John Deere pictures...

    in the pictures we have big 2 tractors, a combine, a drill (for planting soybeans, behind the big tractor) then there are 2 lawn mowers, and a mini-tractor thing with a loader.

    ...not quite a million dollars in stuff... :D
    i'd say 500,000....maybe
  9. clang5oh wanted to see the wheels on the tractors....
  10. I bet those have some major torque. I would pull the motor when your dad wasn't looking and stuff it in the stang, change the gearing and you have a instant tire shredder.
  11. lol tractor motors are way different then a car engine. To change a clutch on one you have to yank the whole motor out and with the weight of one i doubt the torque would really matter. The tires would be up in the air only thing you'd be shreadding is air
  12. yeah those motors are huge!
  13. Caterpillar just introduced a 15.8L 16 cylinder rated at 600HP and ??? torque. Its unbeleivably huge. Thats like 995 cubic inches!!!
  14. Those are nice but you need to lower them, the infamous John Deere 4x4 stance is too much.
  15. sociopath5.0,
    So maybe there will need to be a little fabrication, but it would be awsome. Similar to Leno's tank torpedo; 810hp with 1560 torque.