judging only by the interior, which car looks more expensive?

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  1. I don't want to give the car identities away, so I will only identify them as car A and car B.

    Car A


    Car B

  2. I always thought tan looks cheap in pics. even though it might look good in person.
  3. I still like them both but the Mustang does look a lot more classy.

    P.S. I think everyone here knows what car A and most of them can read so they will know what car B is. (The name is on the dash)
  4. Yeah, you're probably right. Even this new tan Ferrari interior looks ill in photos.


    I just think they could've done a more exiting interior for the Vette. It's very ho hum.
  5. Corvette? I thought it was a Tercel interior :p j/k
  6. The Mustang seems more original to me, the Corvette interior just LOOKS importish, similar to my Honda Accord.

    Also where is the Passenger airbag in the Vette? Maybe it isnt the FINAL interior?


    BTW, great job on hiding the identities on the 2 cars! Clearly says CORVETTE on the passenger side dash!
  7. corvette drivers are too snobbish to have a passenger so it was deemed unneccessary. :D
  8. The vettes interior looks plain-ass boring. The mustangs interior has got some stuff going on! The whole look of the interior really reminds me of the calssics, but it has the "current" look to it. It's awesome and a HUGE improvement over the interior they have been using.
  9. lol forget about it saying Corvette. Who could miss the Vette logo on the steering wheel?
  10. I don't think the Corvette interior looks that bad. It's somewhat GM generic but improved. What I really like is that the shift lever is way over on the left side of the console and it appears the cup holders are on the right of the shift lever. Looks to me like the Mustang cup holders are not in a good location for MTX drivers.
  11. :rlaugh: One has a pony in the center of the steering wheel, and the other has a Vette logo! Kinda hard to keep the cars' identities a secret that way.

    It's hard to tell which interior is really nicer without sitting in them. The Vette's interior is pretty bland in tan, and the red helps make the Stang's look a lot more exotic. Both look vastly improved in terms of quality, but the Stang's is definitely a more interesting design.
  12. I like them both. pic A is more musclecar, pic B is more sports car. I like the position of the e-brake in pic B better...don't know how I'll like it on the left side in the 05....
  13. Look at the buttons on the Drivers door arm rest of the Vette. They look like the typical chaep GM plastic parts found in every one of their cars. I would think that for a car that starts off at $45,000 that more attention to detailed would vave been taken. But instead for you hard earned $45,000 you get more cheap looking plastic parts. That is exactly what I look for when buying a car, how much cheap crap I can pay top dollar for.
  14. Can't get a good look at the switches on the door of the Stang, but look at the center console. The overall appearance might be more outstanding, but most of the radio/climate switches are generic Ford too. This summer one of my brother's friends from college who lived in California left her Lexus RX300 at our house to avoid storage fees. One thing I noticed was that the door switches on it were exactly the same as my brother's Tacoma. GM's not the only company guilty of sharing parts to lower production costs.
  15. I think personally the GTO has a better interior than the Vette. The Mustang interiors well done considering being based on 40 odd years of tech. The new Vette interior is somewhat similar to current offerings.
  16. Sharing parts is one thing, but when one buys a car for exclusivities sake, and pays nearly $50K for it, I would expect a higher quality than that. The shared parts in the Mustang are a little more understandable considering the price difference between it and the Vette.
  17. I wonder how soft the lip is on the upper dash part on the Mustang? I can imagine people with wide dents on thier forheads after a crash lol.
  18. Yeah, but how many people are ever gonna drive a Cavalier and Corvette enough to care about the similarities? As long as they don't feel cheap and flimsy, I don't care much about the door switches. They aren't exactly the key to the interior's style. There are only so many ways you can make a window switch look.
  19. True enough. At least the rest of the Vette interior looks better than the C5. That thing looked like chevy truck from the inside.
  20. Whoa, I just noticed the driver's and passenger's side doors are completely different designs on the Vette. Weird.