judging only by the interior, which car looks more expensive?

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  1. The V6 door...

  2. mustang interior looks considerably better. But consider that chevy is notorious for uply interiors i would consider it a very tough comparison even though its a 50k+ vehicle. The vette is all about performance and handling...i haven't heard many people comment about how its fit and finish is superb (because its not).

  3. yeah kinda easy to tell what the cars are. anyway. the mustang actually looks a lot nicer. The tan in the vette makes it look cheap like someone said
  4. I have no problem with parts sharing. But if the original quality of the parts being shared sucks (as is far too often the case), then it's just not kosher to be using them in a halo car for your company. Luckily Ford's interior quality has improved by leaps and bounds in the past couple of years, so I don't really mind the parts sharing there.
  5. I like the mustangs interior much better, but there is something about the seats in the vette. They just look luxurious It makes me wanna go sit in em. They look more like something that should be in a luxury touring car then a sports car. Thats makes the vette look more expensive. The mustang looks like its better quality though
  6. The Mustang interior looks better (read: exciting) but I question how much of it is aluminum and how much is just silver plastic. In either case the Stang does have the edge.

    As for what to drive. Give me the Vette anyday. 400hp is fun.