July 30th race at Englishtown a Great Success!!

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  1. Factory Stock & F.A.ST Racing Day at Englishtown at Huge Success!!
    Bringing approxiamately 70 + cars total to the event on a 88 degree Saturday!!


    47 cars graced the show car field, including :

    A documented 69 ZLI C.O.P.O Camaro!
    A documented 69' Yenko Chevelle driven from Canada!!
    These guys got special trophies, and alot of praise from the many spectators who attended the event as well.

    In F.A.S.T class YES I said F.A.S.T class:

    Mr. consistent shows that he still has the magic touch, even when still sorting out his new combination.
    Greg Gessler won the F.A.S.T class but he had to work very hard at it, because he faced a very game Ralph Barbagallo, who was very close to up-setting Greg. After it was over Greg and Ralph went at it for fun, and Ralph cut a nice light on the Pro tree to get Greg. Finally!

    Tom Cannon's beautiful small block T/A Challenger was just a bit off of the leaders, and easily wupped the rest of the F.A.S.T field. Running 119 mph consistently in a day where the air was like hot pea soup.

    Lane Carey was next in his absolutely mint 70' 429 SCJ Torino. If you are a ford fan, it is worth it to come out, just to see this car. I love this car. Lane was running easy 12.50's which was excellent considering the weather.

    Gene Wilsey Brought out his spectacular 70 AAR Cuda again, and it ran very well, just a tenth or two off of Lane's times

    Danny Doyles 71 Super bee was a pleasure to see as well. This is a cool car.
    Thanks to Jeremy Benson for coming out on short notice and bringing his sweet 69 Pontiac Lemans, this car is very clean and Jeremy represented the PY forum in the F.A.S.T class for Pontiacs.
    Mike Cannon, mean and nasty looking 69 Black Mustang Mach 1 was there also and got alot of attention and comments.
    As far as the Factory Stock top leaders:

    Steve Polimeni's always quick and under-estimated documented LS6 car turned in some pretty good times and was once again runner up in qualifying and in the Finals.
    Bill Gonzo his 69 Pontiac Judge RAIV car out and once again faced Steve when all the qualifying was done. Gonzo got lucky in round 1 because Steve was too quick off the tree and red-lighted. Otherwise Gonzo would have been had.
    Round 2 Bill Gonzo cut a light and managed to hold Steve off to the end, winning on a slower ET! But a better .026 to .379 light for Steve. This was a great race and once again a great final matchup.

    Factory Stockers were out in force this day, and there were several cars never seen before at these events.

    These were:

    A white 69' Pontiac RAIII Judge 4spd in hardtop configuration. ( Stephen Eymer)

    Robert Klemann's picture perfect 66' dual quad 427 fairlane!! A strong runner in the field, Everyone was saying if Rob was able to hook this car up...it was game set match ...for the rest of the competitors. Rob ran in the 13's.
    Thanks for coming Rob, everyone loves that car of yours.

    Bob Cassone brought his sweet 65 Chevy small block malibu convertible and had alot of fun. He did great. Very nice car.

    Dom Scorziello's Matching Numbers! beautiful 72 Chevrolet 454 4 spd was here as well. This car got my vote for best appearing car at the event , but I was over-ruled. Sorry Dom.

    Craig Neill's surperb 71 Olds 442 convertible. This car is beyond nice looking. Its one of the cleanest 442's I have ever seen on or off the track. Thanks for bringing this car out Craig.

    Although we had seen this car before, Glen's really sweet 71' firebird T/A was there. I actually met up with Glen as he was Driving his car over the Verrazaro Narrows Bridge to the event!!

    We do not have the score sheets back from Raceway Park yet, as there were lots of other entries as well, and I can't remember them right now......brain drain..........

    Pictures will be posted soon at the Stock Appearing Home page and Forum



    we had couple of girls to hand out trophies to ALL who entered. Most were very pleased with this idea.