Junkyard parts list for a turbo 2.3?

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  1. We do this kind of thing all the time over in 5.0....is there any kind of junkyard parts list of direct swap parts that can be used on a turbo 2.3 (my merkur) that i should keep an eye out for? Since this isn't a Mustang i don't really know about the typical brakes and suspension upgrades to look for.

    Someone mentioned Ranger headers and cams in another thread, can anyone elaborate on this? What are some junkyard parts i could find that'll give me some cheap power?
  2. RR Cam (all dual plug rangers and mustangs)
    Large VAM and computer (from 87-88 TC & 85.5-86 SVO's)
    Intercooler (off almost anything can be usable)

  3. Wo there hotrod...slow down :lol: <<< carbed guy you're talkin to.

    RR...i'm assuming roller rocker? VAM? Also aside from having to do the plumbing for the intercooler, is the cam and VAM direct swap parts? I remember reading something about the VAM but exactly what's it for?

    I guess i'm taking a bit of a plunge here because not only do i not have much knowledge of the 2.3 but also i'm into carburetors so my EFI tech is lacking too.
  4. by RR he means a Ranger Roller cam. I cant remember the years off of the top of my head, but late 80's and early 90's, and 91-93 2.3L mustangs will have it. Youll need to get the cam followers as well. Torquier, maybe a little more power, smoother, and it wont get all worn like the stock slider cam can. If you dont feel like pulling one, im sure you can find one for sale for about $50.

    The Big VAM (vane air meter) is a precursor to MAFs...not sure if is exactly plug and play, but a search at turboford.net should clear that up

  5. ok that makes sense. How involved is the cam swap? Any modification to the head? Can it be done with hand tools? Tune required? Also remember this is with a turbo so does that matter?
  6. It helps the power band because it doesn't just stop at 3500 RPM (I hear)

    The VAM is not a direct swap. The large VAM needs a LA, UA8, LB, or PK computer to run as well as #35 injectors (which merkurs came with stock) Then you also have to re-pin the computer (move 2 connectors)

    I've swapped in a RR into my N/A. If you look at my cardomain you'll see its very easy. I did it in about 3 hours and all I used where simple hand tools and a valve spring compresser
  7. The Ranger Roller is nothing special. It has exactly the same specs as a standard 2.3L/Turbo cam (for some reason it's been elevated to this amazing performance cam by online rumors). It is a cheap way to go to a roller cam, but otherwise, purely from a swap standpoint it's not much worth doing unless you're building an engine, IMO. Most people install them with an adjustable cam sprocket to dial in a little more top end power.

    Also, you don't even need a valve spring compressor. I remove and install the followers with a seal puller, I hook it onto the cam and then push down on the spring retainer to push the spring down and pop out the follower. Reverse for install.

    I originally put a ranger roller in my new engine, but the next year I swapped it over to a Ford Motorsport A237 cam which I love immensely.
  8. Everyone with a slider cam foams at the mouth for a Ranger roller, but those who actually have one hardly rave about it. You might as well get some roller followers and wait until you get a good aftermarket roller cam to use them.

    There are no brake or suspension upgrades for a Merk, at least not from North

    You didn't mention which parts you need from the JY......there are quite a few you can use or may need.

  9. I don't know! I'm asking......if you're familiar with 5.0s and Mustangs in general, there's a whole world of parts on other Ford vehicles that can serve as cheap upgrades on a Mustang (like the '94-95 3G alt swap...can i do that on the Merkur too??). I'm all about good quality OEM parts from newer cars that i can get cheap that'll give me any kind of performance boost....be it power or reliability. I kind of assumed that suspension and brakes might be hard to come by (i'm already dreaming of a badass coil over suspension for it :drool: ) but i figure i can start with the engine.

    I read a "to do" list and it said the first and probably most valuable thing i can add to the stock engine is a boost controller (second only to an intercooler). How do i go about installing one and again, is there any kind of stock boost controller or BOV that i can get from a JY?
  10. Dur, my mistake. :bang: I must have been reading two threads at once and got mixed up.

    '87-88 Turbocoupes have the most swap-popular ECU(LA-series), vane air meter(large), exhaust manifold(E6), and injectors(35s). If your Merk has browntop injecors, they are already the larger 35lb/hr parts like the later TC has. You already have the good Garrett turbo, so keep that.

    Volvo, Saab, SuperCoupe, and Isuzu NPR intercoolers are some of the popular JY parts. Unfortunately everyone else knows that too, so they aren't always easy to find. If you found yourself wanting to fabricate something, you could rig the TC intercooler as a small front-mount.

    There are no factory turbo cars that I know of that came with adjustable boost controllers. If you got a TC computer, you could use the octane switch to choose between stock boost and 15psi on the "premium" setting. You might need some turbo and vacuum fittings off of the donor, though. Your other option is a DIY Gillis valve. A search for "gillis" in here will turn up lots of info.
  11. I did the search and found the boostvalve site....anyone wanna elaborate on the $10 DIY version? :D
  12. Ok here's another noob question....does the stock setup have a BOV and waste gate? That's a pretty creative little MBC...how much does it differ from the gillis piece? Is there any chance of the ball bearing getting off seat from the spring or something and opening up that end? I guess the worst that it could do if it did was drop off boost right?
  13. I didnt know jack about the 2.3t until i was looking for a little horse power boost untill i got my v8 (witch i no longer have plans for at the momemnt.. maybe after the 2.3 is done). Someone pointed my in the direction on the 2.3t, i looked in to it but was still stuck on the v8 until i saw mikes junkyard bargin 2.3 bulid up, i was so impressed i started doing all kinds of research untill i knew enough to at least do the swap. that was my frirst time pulling/rebuilding/swaping/modifing any engine and it wasnt to bad and i did a good 90% of it my self. reseach to understand then its pretty easy.
  14. lol, already has the turboford spirit, cheap.

  15. LOL, i'm all about getting the absolute most out of the absolute least....why else would i be playing with a 4 cylinder? :rlaugh:

    Hey i was just talking to my buddy, and he recommended using an air compresser control valve....seems that's what a friend of his used on a twin turbo 331 setup making almost 30psi. He said he can get me one of these valves for free....that's even better than $10...lol

    How's this setup look...?
  16. Yes the stock turbo has a wastegate, it does not have a bov and i wouldnt recommend one (mine kept fowling my plugs about every 2 weeks and there not fun to change with the header i run). someone will correct me ifi am wrong but as far as i know they didnt come with bpv's . RR (ranger roller) cams are not that great, i wouldnt suggest one.

  17. Bump.....anyone think that link makes sense? My buddy just got me one of these control valves. I got the car today but it needs a bath before i'm getting pics up :D
  18. Sounds like you're off to a good start. I would also suggest while you are at the JY to take a look at some of the diesel trucks. The huge IC's from Cummins and Powerstrokes are always a great find.