Junkyard Turboed 460 In A 69

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  1. Hey guys, looking to build a big block soon. I got a 331 with a built c4 in it at the moment and getting kinda bored ;)
    So here's a few questions...
    1). Are there any 460 turbo manifolds on the market? And if not I understand you can flip some truck manifolds, but will those fit in the bay? Anyone have a 460 in the 69/70?

    2). The c4 is built with the broader performance 500+ horsepower kit, what other mods should be done to take a reliable 700ish hp? Input shaft? I have already read the C4 monster thread, but I wanna make sure i don't need to tear the c4 back down... Already has the oiling mods done, 5 clutch direct and forward, rollerized planetary, Kevlar bands, etc.

    3). Has anyone built a turbo 460? What power could be expected? This will more than likely have p-51 heads, forged pistons, intake/carb.

    4). And does anyone know of a good turbo that can be picked up for CHEAP? Something off a dump truck maybe? Any insight would be great!

    Thanks guys
  2. The 69-70 engine compartment is pretty tight with a 429-469 ,don't know if a turbo would fit under the hood. you would probably have to modify the spring towers. It could be done with a suspension replacement
  3. no one makes a turbo exhaust manifold for a 460 that i know of. you might try contacting someone like advance turbo systems or gale banks. they may be able to whip one up for you or point you in the right direction. by the way, a turbo will fit in the engine with a 460, but you may have to move things like the battery to the trunk.

    you may have to tear the C4 down again and upgrade it. oyu might contact your trans builder though and get their thoughts.

    how much power depends on the base motor build, including the cam events, what intake and carb you are using, etc. and then top off with how much boost you are planning to run. with 10psi boost, and healthy 460 can easily make better than 700hp.

    do yourself a huge favor and get a turbo that is properly sized for your application. get a turbo that is sized wrong, and you can end up not making much power, making the power in the wrong rpm range, or blowing the bottom end out of the motor. in addition you can run into issues with turbo surging, and that will also destroy an engine in short order. again contact advance turbo systems or gale banks.
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  4. You can make an easy 600 HP naturally aspirated with a stock stroke 460 and P51 heads. You can make 900 with a stroker. You can make 1500 with a properly sized turbo or two. How fast you wanna go?
  5. Thanks for the replies guys! I've decided that im going to boost my 331 stroker, given that there is a much bigger aftermarket for the 302s... I wanna run boost because my daily is a 1999 saab 9-3 with a holset hx35, and im ADDICTED to boost. It's gotten to the point that I drive the daily for :poo:s and giggles more than the mustang! Hahaha but thanks again guys!
  6. How much power does the Saab make? HX35s seem to work pretty good on 4 cylinders. I guess you know you are limited on power by the 8.2 block. It will still out run 99% of performance car you see around though.

  7. Based off of other's builds, about 450whp. Haven't gotten it on the dyno, but it scares the sh** out of people on the freeway hahahaha. And ya i'm worried about splitting the block, but honestly if I do, I'll end up building a N/A 460 and be done with it
  8. I have a 460/c6 in my 67 stang.No spring tower mods needed.I used homemade engine mounts and moved the engine back as far as it would go.Also moved the raditor support forward 2".I suggest a header kit from speedway and the c6 trany.Plenty of room for a turbo & more room if you dont have ac/ps.