Just A Boring Dyno Vid

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  1. First pull on the blower. A few notes....

    1. This is my first time recording ANY car on a dyno. Apparently standing in front of it with a D1SC is a no-no for audio (can hardly hear the car)

    2. Tuner gets on it @ :14

    3. Notice the yellow wall banner in the upper right corner @ :16...watch what it does @ :19. My Big Red enclosed BOV (which I run open and therefor has a nozzle to direct airflow, lets out so much pressure that it bounces off the lift and lifts the banner 20' high

    View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IgNBLNk94RQ&feature=youtu.be
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  2. Sounds like an Airliner on the runway when they're warming up the turbine engines, awesome!
  3. That's impressive. Now pour on more boost. Lets see the limits of that nice new forged bottom end tested.

  4. Running 16psi now. No dyno but the butt-dyno reads "HOLY CHIT" :)
  5. Sounds nice, are you going to fill us in on the new numbers at 16lbs?
  6. I have no plans for a dyno as of right now. I will be hitting the track for the first time this weekend. That should give a good idea on power
  7. Good luck at the track! Looking forward to seeing what your car will do