just a few pics for you to enjoy!

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  1. i'm going out of town tonight so i wont get to dyno it till thursday. i did drive it a little and it feels a LOT stronger. i didnt get into much boost but the noise was more than worth the money!! anyways enjoy!:D

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  2. does your wife know you stole her hairdryer??

    :D :drool: bad ass dude! like i told you earlier...i cant wait for the finals #s :flag:
  3. :bang: I hate being slow
  4. does your wife know you owe the bank $4000 dollars?

    lol jk man

    looks like buckets of fun... great car... BTW

    WHERE ARE MY PICS I REQUESTED?!?! lol whenever you get a chance... looks like youve been busy...
  5. :drool: :hail2:

    Looks awesome man!.. I cant wait to see the #'s that thing puts down now :D
  6. WOW, very clean! Awsome man, glad you like it :D. Should last a LONG time to if you keep the boost low :nice: .

    Definatly need some vids of it at idle :flag:
  7. SWEET..I want lol..Have fun with it man!
  8. sorry man im outta town till thursday. my car is going to the dyno @1:00, i'll try to get some pics and videos up after that.
  9. Did you install it yourself because i want to put on mine but the one thing I dont want to do is tap the oil pan

    How hard was that? Or any tips the directions say to use a punch:shrug:

    Oh by the way looks mint:nice:
    Im sure that is gonna put up some serious #'s
  10. if all you are worried about is tapping the pan, DONT WORRY!! it is really easy!! the hardes part is figuring out how all the brackets bolt up with the crappy directions. my kit came with a punch. dyno #'s and video will be up thurs.
  11. you are looking at the avatar of the most envious man in the world...
    your like my new idol
    i just sit and look at your pick then up at the ceiling and say why not me god
    maybe one day it will be...
    looks good man now all you need to find is a camaro to burn.
  12. i drove it when i got home today and it feels a lot faster than it was, but not fast enough! i might swap the gears to hold the boost out a little longer. anyone ever use 3.55's in a car with a centri? maybe that will help the wheelspin in 1st and 2nd.