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Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by JamesD87, Mar 3, 2014.

  1. Alright so I am going to start off by saying that I am a complete noob when it comes to mustangs. I just acquired my first mustang last week (through a trade). Here is what I know, it is a 2000 GT with a 4.6 (I believe) and a 5 speed manual transmission. When I got it everything seemed to be fine except the radio was acting up a bit. It was completely fine when the key was turned on but as soon as the key was put into the off position all of the memory was wiped clear. Almost as if the constant power wire was not hooked up. So yesterday I pulled the radio out and come to find out the power wire for when the key is turned on and the constant power wire were spliced together. I pulled them apart and connected them how they were supposed to be but the radio would not turn on at all. So I put them back together how it originally was and the radio still wont come on. Well now, along with the radio not coming on there are a few other electrical problems ive noticed. Now the windshield wipers wont work (I know they worked before because I had them on), and also the dash lights are acting kind of funky. When I have the headlights on the dash lights will not always stay lit. They will not exactly flicker but they do not stay the same brightness the entire time the headlights are on. Also, the odometer is lit up just fine with the headlights off but when I turn them on its like it fades out and then out of nowhere will light back up.

    Any ideas of what may be going on here? Could it be as simple as a blown fuse or fuses? I will check all of the fuses tomorrow but my gut says that's not the issue.

    Sorry if I am being long winded its just this is my first mustang and I want to make sure you guys have an understanding of whats going on. I am pretty handy when it comes to working on cars but electrical seems to be my weakness.
  2. Does the dash dimmer knob work? Does the dash get brighter if turned all the way to the left?

    The dash and the radio SHARE a ground behind the center console. This ground is frequently messed up during a radio install.

    Might be handy to mention if this is a stock radio (which one) or an after market head unit (model?).

    There are TONS of always on circuits on the 99+ model year Mustang. If you didn't remove the battery negative it's almost certain that you have blown one or more fuses.
  3. It is an after market radio...cant remember the brand off the top of my head. The original was the mach 460. Yes if I turn the dimmer knob the dash does respond accordingly. I will check this morning if there are any blown fuses.