35th Anniv just a quick question

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by *Sandy*, Jun 10, 2007.

  1. Hey Guys!! I just have a quick question for you. I was looking for a door plaque for my mustang, for my production number. Do you guys know if they make such a thing and if so could you steer me in the right direction in where I could have one made. Thanks SO much!!! :nice:
  2. Some time ago one of StangNet's "Limited" forums members "Tommy303" who happns to own a truly badass Black "Limited" GT, was having them made if you wanted one. I bought 2, one for the inside of the interior and the other under the hood.

    Tommy you still around?
  3. Thanx, Jason---Sandy: I'm sorry but I can no longer get the plaques made. The shop that I had them made at is no longer around.

    I've had a bunch of people asking about plaques, but unfortunately can no longer get them. :(
  4. That's a shame. The plaques are awesome. I stuck mine on the dash beside the VIN so it's readable from the outside. People think it came with it right from Ford. I just keep my mouth shut! LoL
  5. What do they look like, and what would it take to make one? Would you have the program, or is the pattern gone?
  6. THANKS anyway but.....if any of you hear of a place that can make some PLEASE drop me a message Thanks Again Guys!!! :D
  7. Here's a shot of the one Tom made for me and where I placed it.

  8. I WANT ONE!!!! looks nice.
  9. :drool: :nice: OK NOW I REALLY want one!! ok, just keep the word out if any of you find a place that can make one THANKS guys!!!
  10. go to a trophy shop,where they make dash plaques,design one yourself.
    there is no one official plaque. it will cost a few extra bucks for a one off,but still worth it