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  1. I'll post an in-depth completion thread once I get it tuned and can provide some dyno #'s. This thing hauls like a freaking freight train! I've driven a light bolt-on C6 Z and it didn't feel nearly as fast as this does. Cant wait to hit the track.

    I recently finished breaking in the motor so a tune will be done here shortly.

    Anyway, I pulled off the power pipe to clean the filter and am in the process of swapping out all the clamps for some good T-bolts. Excuse the condition, we just had a MASSIVE dust storm for the last few days and the car is filthy (prompting me to clean the giant filter).


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  2. Badass. Looking forward to your numbers, it's been a long road.

    BTW, Put a filter or cover over your inlet if there's dust in the air, even if you only have it off a couple hours.
  3. Nice. ProCharged street cars FTW!
  4. Thanks Mark. The inlet was covered the entire time. I just uncovered it for the crappy pic.

    It's been a long (and expensive) road indeed. Im glad its over :D
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  5. From what I have heard its never over. Congrats on the build though Nightfire!
  6. Looks so pretty ;( I can only dream mine will look good one day. When are numbers and times coming??
  7. :burnout:

    Yep, once you go built, you never go back...

    Awaiting numbers, then a thread about needing to change gears, smaller pulley, meth, etc. :nice:
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  8. im trying to get one, but where do i get the headers to mount a turbo:shrug:
  9. You can use your stock headers. Some kits use the stockers.