Just A Tiny Little Upgrade

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  1. So. I'm not into racing, nor do I have the finances to build a 500-600 hp motor, or the use for one. But I'd like a little pep in my Pony. I already have the basic bolt on's that most do right away. So I'm going with the Explorer intake, upper and lower. Also throwing in the TrickFlow Stage 1 cam, plus I got a set of hand me down GT40 heads. I haven't had the chance to put the 3.73's in yet either. Curiosity sake, should I be able to get an extra 10-15hp with this little upgrade?
  2. Easily.... I would take the heads to a shop for the guides, valves, seals, & springs to be checked out. Hopefully you've bought the TFS GT40 spring kit as well. Most of the time on a Dyno Jet; the motor you describe puts out about 250rwhp&300+rwtq. All together, an easy 50+ horsepower increase IMHO..
  3. Yes sir, Trickflow Valve spring drop in kit. But I'm looking for alternatives. I've been hearing bad things about the retainers etc.. Not sure who else makes a solid kit. Oh and 1.7 roller rockers. That should do it if the heads check out.
  4. If you have doubts about the cam & supporting parts; I'd recommend talking to a pro. there's plenty of people to talk to whom could either profile a cam for your combo all the way to telling you exactly what to buy. Ed Curtis & Cam Dynamics come to mind IMHO.....
  5. Thousands of guys run the TFS spring upgrade kit. IMO, I wouldn't spend $400 on Ed's spring kit on a set of GT40's when for the same price when added up you are almost at the price of a new set of TW heads. The other alternative are Alex's springs.

    Make sure your deck and heads are straight and clean or you will be pulling it apart again.
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  6. I agree, sometimes reading too much plays with your head. That's what I'm going with and it will work just fine for what I need. And yes, as soon as I pick them up this week I'm taking them to the machine shop to have them checked. Then once that's done Ill powder coat the upper and put it all together
  7. Good point Mike..... I forgot to mention that I've setup the TFS GT40 valve spring kit on several of my friends cars over the years & all of them were quite happy with the results. And they never had any issues... The simple installed spring height check tool that is included in the kit makes it pretty much infallible.....