Just Beat AZ Emissions w/07 mustang Gt - Not easy

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  1. I just got my 07 GT through AZ emissions - w/a PASS.....!
    What a "PITA"..o_O
    I had a battery disconnect - which cleared the ECM ( I forgot about that) so it read nothing on the first time through - but no charge - so I saved the $28
    I was smart way back when - like 5 Yrs ago......
    For the Breenspeed 'tune' I bought - I had a separate tune set up w/the O2 sensors 'on' -
    Saved the original H - pipe w/the 'cats' from FoMoCo
    Spent a weekend switching it back over ( the bbk shorties 'stayed' on) - uploaded the O2 'on' tune - then drove it for a few days (resets the ECM) - had a mechanic buddy 'scan' it before I went in there and make sure all the modifiers were working... modifying....and Bam it PASSED.....
    It was the first time going through any emissions place - and man was I worried - spent all this past weekend on my back by myself in the garage - but my ill conceived plan from 5 yrs ago 'worked'?:eek:....so the prius driving - sandel wearing, tree huggers can be happy for the next (3) three days or so- and then they can start 'crying' again............. cause I'm switching alllll back!!!!!!
  2. Sounds like an awful lot of work and stress, for very little reward if you ask me. :shrug:
  3. :shrug:
    I know......but with no emissions pass - you won't have a plate - no driving the car on the streets w/out a plate? :shrug: what can you do?
  4. Buy a high flow catted pipe instead of the O/R one and not worry about it. :shrug:
  5. Your so right...... but the straight H-pipe was dirt cheap - $110 bucks .....and it makes the mutha thumpr cams sound stupid wicked....but after crawling on the garage floor for all this - I may seriously look into a purchase
  6. My 08' Bullitt with the Brenspeed Detroit Rockers cams had to have a "tune" to make the ECU work right and this resulted in the rear 02's being turned off. The result is a ECU that will not complete a drive cycle and set all of the monitors. End result being I got the vehicle "waivered" at the inspection station. I think the reason I was able to do this was the fact that the CEL was not being commanded on and there were no codes, just had 4 monitors that would not set. Did not even have the P1000 "drive cycle not complete". So it got a waiver.
  7. Your lucky - here... if there is no reading from the ECM - you get (1) one more chance to come back - and then the emissions computer at the station 'locks' you out according to the personnel there - but then you have to contact the state which gives you another chance or something - they just don't make it easy - congrats on getting a wavier - here I don't know how to do that - there are no inspections like out East - you can get a two year extension / wavier - but that's it - I have no idea how I'm gonna get plates on my 351w carburated 93 mustang project once it completed - it will have no computer - maybe those high flow cats - I'm not playing mickey mouse like this on two cars ....
  8. Please define "no reading from the ECM". There were no fault codes stored in my ECM and the CEL was not on. The only issue was 4 monitors did not set. So when they tested it, everything checked out OK from the ECM, it just showed that 4 drive cycle monitors did not set.
  9. Your right....ECM was ok .....it just wasn't reading the O2 / cataylst.... I'm not an expert - but I have a battery disconnect (my alarm drains power - kills the battery) - when you disconnect the battery - your computer (ECM) resets - at least from what I see ....the modifer's go to zero or no readings - or from what I saw on the scanner states no controls or something like that .....hence you need the 'drive' time .....my freind with the scanner said screw changing the pipe - the cars 'too' low to inspect it ....he sai to switch the 'tune' drive it for a while ......and it May pass......maybe he was right.....the emissions's computer was where I got the no reading from.
  10. he said that without any'check' engine lights on ...it should pass...
  11. When you disconnect the battery, the ECM resets and it has to perform a "drive cycle". If during the drive cycle, there is a issue, the CEL will come on. If the drive cycle is not complete, then there is usually a code of P1000, which is "drive cycle not complete". There is no "emissions computer". The ECM performs all of the emissions and engine running functions ect. In my particular case, the drive cycle was complete, thus no P1000 code, but 4 monitors had not set. Thus it recieved a "waiver." There is actually a lot that goes into receiving a waiver other than what I posted, but for simplicity sake I will leave the explanation as it is.
  12. Got it......I think I was freaked out a little - this being my first time - I forgot about the battery disconnect .....I forgot to switch over the tune - I forgot to turn the alarm off (power drain) - nxt time I'm going to run it after I switch the tune .....and just 'see' if it passes....maybe it will ....oh I know the emission's does not have a 'computer' I meant scanner....or reader....anyway thanks for clearing some things up