Just Bought 2012 Gt Couple Questions

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  1. Hello all This past Friday I got out of my 2010 Challenger R/T and got in a 2012 Mustang GT 5.0 6 speed man.I plan to post some comparisons and impressions between the 2 shortly...but I do have a couple quick questions for the experts. My GT has no oil press gauge or voltmeter/ammeter in the inst panel although the owners manual clearly shows them as optional for V6 and standard for GT..is my car a factory screw up?
    Also it appears to NOT HAVE the halo in the inst panel backlight. or the different color options.
    AND....how do you guys drive your cars?..in full trac control stability mod.or ESC turned off with the button or sport mode...........thanks.....
  2. Which GT did you get? It may not have the gauge if its a base model.
  3. I assume you have a V-8? You need to do a vin search and see if you have a Deluxe or Premium. You might have a basic 300A with a couple of add ons.
  4. I have the base and it has fuel and temp in between the speedo and tach. If you use the setup button on the steering wheel you can get some other information.

    I drive with traction control on for the most part. It doesn't act like mu 03 did where it will kick in for the slightest break of traction. Its more of a stability control where it will let the tires spin more unless you are getting out of control and not keeping it straight.