Just bought a 97 Cobra...advice?

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  1. Okay...So I just bought a 97 Cobra Convertible as my mid life crisis cure...very solid car that just went over 100,000 miles. I always wanted one (the wife said OK as long as it was A CONVERTIBLE!). So...lots of questions...Durability of the 32V motor...recommended oil?...any issues I should look out for?...any special maintenance needs?...I will be driving this car (250-300 miles/week). Thanks to all.
  2. Are there any mods or do you have plans for any? I have a 99 which has pretty much the same motor. I usually use Mobil-1 10w-30 but last time I used Quaker State and like it. Off the top of my head you may wanna take a look at and consider changing the spark plugs, fuel filter, air filter and all the simple regular maitenance stuff.

    Oh and btw, welcome to the site:nice:
  3. My first suggestion is to do a lot of reading about the car on the internet.

    My second suggestion is that you post some pics of the car.

    Congrats! :nice:
  4. Thanks for the response and welcome... I've always run Mobil 1 in my other car, but I'll take a closer look at Quaker State. The car is bone stock, and I really don't have any immediate plans for any mods. Another question..I've noticed a surge at idle and under load...any thoughts?, or just the tune up as mentioned?
    Thanks again.
  5. I've always been a big fan of the 96-98. Great performance for the money, and the looks are outstanding. I never had any issues with mine. Here are a few photo's of my past rides.

  6. May want to clean and/or replace the IAC for the surging idle.

    If it drives fine right now, just change the oil and then tackle the other stuff in the near future as your time/funds allow.

    Plugs, wires, air filter, bleed brakes, drain/refill cooling system, trans fluid, rear diff, clean IMRCs, etc
  7. Silly as it sounds I have had this same problem twice and it ended up needing new plugs. Someone has already suggested it and I second the overall tuneup.:nice:

    Nice new ride, lets see some pics.
  8. Again thanks for all the advice
    Another question...Been reading alot 'bout Seafoam...have you tried it?
    and where is the PCV on our 32V motors?
    Now the 'stupid' questions...IAC's...IMRC's...what the hell???
  9. Thanks for the advice...
    Been reading alot 'bout Seafoam...what's your opinion?
    Where's the PVC on the 32V motor?
  10. Thanks for the advice...a tune up is definitely in the near future...
    Love the FDR quote!
  11. I used Seafoam a few months ago and it worked out well. Iirc, we sucked up half a can through a black tube above the driver side head. You may wanna have someone push the gas peddle down as the motor is going to try to stall. Turn the motor off for about 5-10 mins and when you start it up again rev out the Seafoam while enjoying the smoke show
  12. Thanks...bought a can today, I'll give it a go in the next day or so....:flag:
  13. Got a question...I noticed on your responses where it lists your 'rides'...
    where are you getting the production/build #'s (#300 of...) for the cobras? I would be curious to know the numbers on my car.
  14. congrats i am a proud owner of a supercharged 97 cobra with a E85 tune i love my car and only major problem i have had is the intake manifold runner controls break and throw a check engine light i fixed them by removing the box under the intake manifold and zip tied them open it runs a bit bad in low rpm but rocks over 3200 after that the super charger fixed the problem for good i have and will always use royal purple 5 20w it has never let me down and if you do choose to super charge the car do not go over 8 psi or have more than 425 to 450 hp on stock internals it will blow the best thing to do is get a set of forged steel rods and pistons the crank is already forged and slap a charger and some bigger injectors and a larger fuel pump then you will have more power than you will know what to do with i have 425 stock internals E85 fuel tune and 8 psi with my kenne bell twin screw blower kit lets just say i have yet to meat a Challenger srt8 that can touch me or a new Carmaro ss for that matter if you have any questions with the car feel free to ask
  15. IMRC is intake manifold runner control witch is a set of blades that open up the secondary intake ports in the head to allow for more power when you are above 3200 rpm

    IAC is idler air control it is a part that controls the amount of air that enters the engine at idol ( pretty much a fuel injection choke)
  16. e8595, you added some good info but periods and commas:nice:
  17. yep sorry about that. i keep forgetting lol
  18. our engines will handle a lot more than 8psi
  19. Question...
    You mentioned cleaning the IAC...how?
    Would love to get ur done on my day off tomorrow...