Just bought moates qh...

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  1. What else do i need $190 shipped on corral "brand new" without box. Anyway to test it when it arrives?

    Im assuming i need to buy BE, And EEC analyzer?

    And a wide band... will that get me started?:shrug:
  2. You dont actually have to have EEC analyzer unless you just want it , but you do have to get buy BE to even use it unless you go with Paul Booths software but then you have to pay for the CBAZA definitions for his software , his is a little cheaper than BE but not layed out as good as BE in my opinion
  3. i was working on what was going to be a public domain editor program, but that effort kinda fizzled out.

    i had actually gotten pretty far on it, but then life got in the way and all of a sudden 3 years went by.

    i wonder if i can even still find the my old source code for it.

    i think there are more than a couple options out there for free binary editors though.
  4. You do not need a wb to get started tuning :)

    You can use kamrf and lambse values to tune for Closed Loop

    Now when tuning for Open Loop (WOT) :banana:

    That is when a wb is a ... Must Have item ;)


  5. thats what i figured...

    Im looking at:
    $180 for the innovate, $130 for BE,EECA, and got the moates for $190.

    not too bad i guess:rolleyes:
  6. How are you liking the Quarterhorse??

    I am in need of some sort of tuning device myself
  7. Awesome.
  8. Don from Lasota Racing convinced me to get one to tune my upcoming Kenne Bell setup. Been doing a lot of research and Im still a little wary. Program looks nice, but understanding what all the values mean and do. Oyyy. Definitely would be nice to master (or attempt to) but I fear getting lost in perfecting a tune instead of being out and enjoying the car... We'll see what happens.
  9. I'll absolutely love my quarterhorse. EEC Analyzer is an excellent program too, well worth the cost. If you buy it with BE he actually gives you a small discount.
  10. Anyone new with the QH and BE might want to check out the Ultimate Ford EFI Tuning Guide for BE QH - in a week or so it'll be available on thee website in printed versions, right now it's in Ebook format on Lulu.com and in iBooks for iPad...
  11. I wish there was a comprehensive glossary showing what everything means and does.. I'm about ready to pull the trigger on one. I suppose I should just buy it and worry about learning from there.
  12. Yep... you'll pick it up as you go...

    Once you have BE, it will help just to scroll through the parameters and read the descriptions. Some descriptions are better than others, but it will all help.

    A notebook is a must


  13. do you have a link yet?/
  14. It's really something that just isn't available too many other places. It took over a year to do, and it basically gives away all the 'secrets' of tuning. It's meant for tuning dealers mainly. Any low volume technical book of this nature isn't cheap. SCT's is $125, Greg Banish' SCT Tuning DVD is $250 from Summit. We charge $2500 + expenses to train new SCT dealers - and this guide teaches the same thing. Look at the cost of dynotunes? Imagine KNOWING how to do it yourself instead. There is a lot of info on how to do this on the internet. Some of it great, Most of it very bad. And after spending thousands on modifying a car, tuning is not a good time to cut costs.
  15. I don't think the price is too bad.. I will probably end up buying one..

    I'd like the PDF, but i don't like not being able to print it..
  16. The .pdf is was done mainly for overseas customers because it is a real pain to have to ship them. I HAD to go with a company to produce them that would have some sort of copy protection - I have the Pro Racer training video (SCT) I produce copied all over the place - people even have enough gall to post about copying it and asking for copies on public forums. So I needed something to minimize thievery. I am not Random House publishing, just a small company trying to offer something unique. There are also eBook versions for iPad and NOOK too.