Just bought my first TC, to swap into my Stang!!

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  1. Now I know what all the fuss is about! I'm new to turbos. They haul ass!! I am jacked! Just picked up an '87 5-speed TC for $500. Drove it home 200 miles tonight! Ran like a top and smoked the tires through every gear! 173k and didn't burn a drop of oil! I'm sold on 2.3 turbo's! The swap will begin soon. Motor, tranny, rearend and anything else I can adapt to my '89 LX ragtop. I plan to rebuild the motor to stock specs except for a hybrid turbo, Volvo intercooler and exhaust system. The ragtop is my daily driver/commute car. I love the gas mileage I get now. That's why I'm going with stock internals. Will probably keep the boost at 12 or 13. I don't need to blow off any ricers. I'm too old for that ****. But, if I need to put my foot in it, it's nice too know it's there! I'm sure some of you guys are gonna blast me for not going all out. That's OK. Fire away. I'm so happy now, I could just ****! This is a great board. I already got alot of info from here, and I'm sure I'll get tons more. Turbo's rock!! :D
  2. I'll be the first to say you're never "too old for that ****" :nice:
  3. Keep it at 15psi old man.
  4. Smokin' the tires through every gear in a 173K mile TC? :eek:

  5. Yeah, I find it kinda hard to believe that it smokes the tires through every gear... :scratch:
  6. ye of lil faith...
  7. Alright, it was raining outside and the tires are bald. Allow me to substitute the word 'spun' for 'smoked'. Thank you very much. :banana:
  8. LOL. Yes, turbo's do rock. And build that fugger up! Ahaha, it was inevitable. Seriously, bigger turbo, and better i/c at least!

  9. Glad to hearit, Let us know if there are other parts on the car that you will sell.

    "Saturn SL2 304.5whp"? Sorry I got distracted just wondering if I saw that right.