just bought the saleen 3v supercharger!!

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  1. It should be reliable. Intercooling is the key. The Saleen setup is pretty sweet.

    Whipple posted 462, and Procharger posted 525+. None of these companies are in it to blow engines up. You can bet they have conservative tunes, and will be reliable, especially at 5 PSI.

    More to come as I have it.

    I have verified the Procharger offers 11s out of the box, but I am still waiting on exact dyno numbers and E/Ts.

    Procharger will ship in a matter of weeks, and the Whipple, well it may be a while yet... :rolleyes:







    More to come... :D

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  2. Yeah, the KB makes 520HP on the 05 stang & stock engine ... :nice:

    How about that :lol:
  3. 500 RWHP?

    As long as the fuel system supports it... In our experience, the KB fuel management systems and chips were less than desirable. We have seen fuel pumps fail and engines blow in the past.

    I would like to see an A/F graph on that car. Lean makes power, but it is not really safe. We like to see an 11.5:1 fuel curve, then add as much timing as possible.

    Also note that number is on a prototype, and I am willing to bet it has custom tuning instead of the conservative tune that will be offered for street duty. All manufacturers detune for reliability. Makes sense... Ya can't sell blowers if they end up blowing engines...

    Never had ANY issues with an out of the box Procharger... Largely do to charge temps at ambient!

    And check THIS out...

  4. Saleen claims that the 05' s/c will fit under the factory hood, being that is only slightly taller than the factory intake. As far as the fuel system, they say the stock injectors and pump have enough flow/volume to support the s/c. Right now they are testing the 05" Series V setup for fuel requirements( inj. size.,pump) and to see how the factory bottomend will hold up. The 05' series VI uses the larger whipple 2300cc blower. That is way they claim more hp at lower boost level.
  5. At that power level, I would NOT suggest using the stock injectors.

    I would suggest at least a 90mm MAF and 42#ers. This comes from experience. We have blown up two 2-valve 4.6s with stock MAFs (80mm).

    The stock fuel system should support 3-5 or maybe 6 PSI but not 8-10.

    Again, I want to see graphs before I believe ANY manufacturer aside from Procharger. The reason is, Whipple and Procharger BOTH give you a PCM or programmer AND injectors. The fuel pump should be fine.

    Again, I would need to see data to make any changes or recommendations on the fuel system or tune.
  6. man that procharger looks so sweet. I want one badly! How does their warranty work, it says three year but is that just on the supercharger or do they warranty the engine for 3 years?
  7. The warranty is on the system itself.

    When you see warranties covering the powertrain, there is an aftermarket warranty covering it.

    Roush is a good example of this.

    Now, on a different note, I have a contract with a local Ford dealer where we finance the blower in the original purchase and it is installed by me when it arrives. In this case, the dealer will honor the original 3/36 warranty.
  8. that would have been nice.. I know my dealer are pricks about mods and as soon as they saw a supercharger in there my powertrain warranty would be gone so fast my head would spin.. :notnice:
  9. Say Crash could you give a little background on yourself and how you got experience with all the supercharging? are you in Dallas, TX? I might farm out the Saleen Supercharger work....
  10. My background is a degree in Automotive Technology and one in Elextronics.

    10+ years at dealerships. Ford and GM certified, and an ASE Master.

    I have always loved blowers, and most recently have been installing, tuning, racing, and dyno testing Modular Fords... F-150s and Mustangs mostly, and for the most part, all EEC V.

    Our latest endeavor was the custom F-150 turbocharger system you see in my signature (Project 02).

    Ever seen a 12 second SuperCrew? How about an F-150 that waxes C5s and Vipers on the TOP end? Hehe! I love this stuff.

    I would love to have a mod party!
  11. got a call form Saleen today with my order update they said 1-2 more weeks :bang: :bang:
  12. Has it arrived yet? How was the fit under the hood? Any regrets or tips for us future chargers? :flag:
  13. Sent it back to Saleen since ups shipped it in the wrong position and beat the heck out of it. I'll get it replaced in a couple weeks. The system is larger than a whipple,rousch, or KB. The heat exchanger is kind of small. The instructions are ok. It says take the hood off but it really doesn't need to come off. The front bumber cover must come off for the heat exchanger. It's a BIG blower 2300CC so there is plenty of room to crank up the boost with a pully swap. the finish was just ok not great but not show quality either. I asked for the cpu info and they won't give out the info. I'll have to have them flash the computer and later I will break the code (the programming)and post it so we can make our own adjustments.
    All the parts were labled some of the photos could be better. I've got alot of auto experience have owned a auto business and they say it's a 8 hour job but for the guy doing this at home and the detail work (wiring & pully swaps) I'd say it will take 10-12 hours.
  14. Hi Crash,

    Nice background..... On a side note, it will be interesting to see how the new 3V engine manages the increases in power. The new cylinder heads feature two intake valves and one exhaust valve per cylinder. And, although this new 3V system has a SOHC, the addition of variable cam timing should improve modification performance by advancing and retarding the existing cam profile.

    The redesigned intake manifold should also accept SCing pretty well. The ports on the 3V are designed and have been machined more like the 4V; in that they are long and slender rather than the round style we are used to with the previous 2V 4.6L.....Without going too nutty here... It sounds like Ford has accomplished with this 3V intake manifold set-up what the "older" 4V Cobra Intake Manifold Runner Controls did..

    I agree with the injector increase, I try to suggest to folks the kits that come "complete" like the Kenne Bell & Whipple Kits (Love the SCs for the 5.4L V-8 Trucks, only $5,500 for the F-150 and with ALL necessasry parts included)...

    It is always a pleasure reading your posts and add me to the guest list of your MOD party, my friend...... LOL! :nice:

  15. check out June c/d story on the s281 supercharged

    I hope you do better than that, you probably will if you keep the weight down
    Good luck :nice:
  16. I saw the Saleen kit installed today on a local guys GT. I must say that I was more than impressed with the design and the fit and finish of the kit. The setup uses the blower upside down and under the intake, like the old SVO 4.6 2V blower kit did. It's a Whipple twin screw blower. The kit currently is setup for only 5 psi, because all the companies are still sorting out the 05 tuning. The kit fits under the stock hood, and installed you'd never know there was a blower in there. VERY nice kit, and I think one is going to find it's way onto my car for some testing :nice: .

  17. It's not a whipple it is a Eaton fitted to a custom built intake by Magnuson

    History lesson:

    in 1990 Whipple aquired a screw compressor from Opcon Autorotor in Sweden, Whipple suggested some changes for automotive use & Autorotor made the changes & Whipple secured the rights to be the exclusive distributor he calls the Whipple Supercharger. In 1995 SRM a company that was part of Opcon split from Opcon and came out with it's own supercharger called Lysholm which was the orginal name or SRM.

    Kenne Belle uses the Autorotor Whipple Charger.

    The new Saleen supercharger is a Eaton Blower that Magnuson Produts puts together/manufactures for Saleen.
  18. The early supercharged Saleen kits were Magnuson MP112 roots blowers. The blower kit used on the 05 is 2300 Whipple based twin screw. It's Saleen's design case, with a Lysholm 2300AX rotor pack. Lysholm is the original twin screw manufacturer, and Whipple is the US distributor for them. Kenne Bell has nothing to do with the Whipple/Lysholm blowers. Opcon/Autorotor builds KB's blowers. They are their own company, making their own rotor packs.

    Be glad this new kit uses the 2300AX based blower. I've made over 26 psi with those blowers in the past and they kick butt. :D
  19. Thanks for clearing that up. Magnuson didn't know they were not making the 05 blower for saleen.

    & OPCON/Autorotor purchased Lysholm in 04 so they have something to do with KB but not directly.

    at at rate I sent the blower back to saleen since they lost their credibility with me. I'll wait for the KB or Whipple & hope they are better.