just bought the saleen 3v supercharger!!

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  1. Actually Lysholm bought Opcon/Autorotor. It was what's called a reverse merger. Since Opcon/Autorotor had a stock market seat, the official deal shows Opcon/Autorotor (a much smaller company) buying Lysholm (a much larger company), this way the stock market status could be kept and used by Lysholm. But to the outside world, it appeared that O/A bought Lysholm.
  2. CobraIILover, How was the supplied tune on the PCM for that car with the Saleen?....did you talk to the owner? Did they have any complaints?

    Thanks in advance!
  3. He said Saleen makes you send them your PCM for them to flash directly. He overnighted it and got it back in a few days. He said the car runs well with the kit installed and their flash. I was pretty surprised to hear that, because I've tuned many factory blown Saleen cars and their tuning was pretty bad. But he assures me the car doesn't miss a beat with the 05 setup and flash. But that's also only at 5 psi. He also said Saleen told him the car should make 400 RWhp with this setup, as is, at 5 psi. I find it hard to believe that the car goes from 265 rwhp to 400 rwhp with just 5 psi. He is going to bring it back to me when he gets time and we'll throw it on my dyno.
  4. Thanks Cobra...please keep us posted on the Dyno results..I am VERY interested in this SC set up and am anxious to see the real world results as upposed to reading hype. :)
  5. To let you guys know, 5.0 mag just tested the 05' S281 SC and got a 12.8 at 114 in Saleen stock trim. The N/A S281 went 13.5 at 103.9.

    That new supercharger sounds pretty promising.
  6. They sound great - I sure hope it lives up to my expectatioin!!

    Thanx for all the help Casey!!
  7. id love to supercharge my stang but im holding out for the gt500...
  8. Thank God. Those clowns and C&D don't know how to drive or something.

  9. Hey crash, do you think that it would be safe to put a Saleen Charger on the 2005 Stang? They wouldn't sell a 5k charger that would blow your engine would they?

    I mean, if you keep it at the 5psi mark and not go above that...
  10. i'm considering procharger and saleen. i emailed saleen to see if this applies to a blower purchase. thinking of getting the saleen HID headlight kit too.

    in addition, i want to get their '05 "take off" GT rocker panels in black to put on my sonic blue. they are only $79.99/pr.

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  11. I tried to call Anna yesterday - good luck with y'all's move. I'm close to being ready for one of those Saleen blowers!!!
  12. check it out. haneymotorsports.com

    http://www.haneymotorsport.com/Monthly Saleen Sales.htm


    2005 4.6 3V Saleen Supercharger

    The Saleen Series VI integrated TwinScrew supercharger with two-stage water-to-air intercooling system. Essentially, the Saleen design integrates the previously separate intake manifold, blower housing/assembly and intercooler into one compact unit that nestles neatly into the valley between the heads. This allows for a much wider intake manifold. The blower assembly contains twin screws, which push 2300 cc of air per rotation. As a result, the supercharger turns slower for equivalent boost, producing lower stress and lower air charge temperatures. The higher supercharger efficiency, along with the lower air charge temperatures, allows for an intercooler that is smaller, lighter and more compact and which has virtually zero pressure drop from inlet-to-outlet side. The Supercharger on a stock 4.6 3Valve cranks out a neck-snapping 400 horsepower and an eye-popping 420 lb-ft of torque.

    Retail Price $4999.99

    Now Taking Orders!

  13. I have a feeling we will be seeing ALOT of blown up 3Vs before not too long. 400-420RWHP was the limit according to Tim on the 99-04 GTs, and the 3V is even weeker than the 2V. These companys are making 440+RWHP....I would dial it down to at max of 420RWHP if i were you guys. Thats were mine is being put at when I thrown on the TTs sometime next year...maybe a little after. I wonder how much that valve control thing is helping these engines? They seem to still be about on par with the 99-01 cobras and machs HP wise, both N/A and S/Cd.
  14. :nonono:

    Weak huh? SuperTune here in KC is putting down 485RWHP with stock internals. Hasn't blown yet (fingers crossed).
  15. How did it get weaker?
  16. so i'm thinking to myself, the saleen series VI makes big HP for its relative paltry 5psi. how can this be? everyone was talking about other blowers with no mention of saleen's.

    but then i suddenly remembered a picture i saw a long time ago. someone just happened to be at the right place at the right time. eureka, this picture was a preview of what was to come.

    sorry had to crop and resize image to the max. i'm up against my attachment quota limit.

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  17. Actualy they are stronger,the block is stronger and lighter. The only part that could be considered weaker is the gap between the top of the piston to the top piston ring. And if you have a good tune and avoid detonation should be fine. In fact I havent heard of one person blowing up a motor yet with FI. As far as the 3v making power,I think you stated it yourself,they are pulling the same numbers out of the 3v as the 4v's,id say thats an improvment.And another thing is you can't just compare peak numbers,the variable cam timing creates more power down low,which the 4v's don't have. People are already pulling 340rwhp with bolt on's which I believe is more than your typical 4v. I also see more power per PSI coming out of these motors,don't know where your getting your info. This is just the begining, people haven't even been tuning the cam timing yet.
  18. hmmm? that's odd. isn't anyone moved by the picture i posted above? does anyone not see the tatoo on her right rear cheek? when i first saw it, i nearly fell on the floor. and i was sitting down. woo, tough crowd to please.
  19. Its just a pic.

    The S281E is rated at 500HP with changed internals.

    I'm more interested in what can safely be acheived on stock internals.