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  1. Been lurking awhile now, while I've been doing research. I've owned 2 Fox body Mustangs in the past: a 1979 2.3 Turbo, and a 1982 GT 5.0. Now, my son is getting to the age where he is dying for me to get another Mustang to "work on", so he can have it when he turns 16. We really like the retro 2005 and up, but those are out of our price range. So we are looking at the SN95 style, 1999-04. I found an '01 that I need to know from you experts out there, if it's a good deal or not: It is a V6 man., with 120k miles, Black with tan interior, all the base equipment, plus a Cobra hood and SVT wheels with new tires. It has a door hinge problem, which I understand is not too uncommon. The guy is asking $3800. What do you guys think??
  2. Based on private party value on kbb.com that price is below the average. But if u look at trade in value which is wholesale it's well over that price. I'd offer 3000
  3. I'd try for 3k as 5.0 put, but plan on paying 3,400
  4. That's what I was thinking too....offer 3k and meet somewhere in the middle.
  5. I found one in indianapolis for 2500

    2001 ford mustang v6

    It is has grey int instead of the IMO Ugly camel color.
  6. Thanks for the heads-up. I'm looking for a manual - don't like autos...plus, that is an ugly color (no offence to you green 'stang owners, just not my cup of tea). I'm checking Craigslist in my area now to see if I can find something better.
  7. I was just showing you there are better prices out there... There was a really nice 2 tone one with saleen wheels on it, on indy craigs list but I cant find it... I would have bought it if it were not a v6..... If i find it Ill post it.