35th Anniv Just checking in

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by 35thspl, Jul 7, 2009.

  1. Haven,t been here in awhile just checking in. Still have my 35th#1960 or 1958 depending on who you ask. (vin number seq or prod seq, they seem not to match on our cars) I know it has the wrong rockers on it but its the only ones I could get at the time. I have the correct ones just need paint and install. I rescued my car from a repo lot with a blown motor and half a stalker kit on it. I also noticed that someone dug out the old 35th board and put it back up but a lot of the stuff is dead. I have emailed the webmaster but have no reply yet.
    Mustang35th : Home Page
  2. Sadly, the Mustang35th website is dead (for about 4 years now) . . . :(
    It was a great site, the forums on it were very active with lots of good info being passed.
    I actually bought my car via the classifieds on it.
  3. The forum is there just looks like it is not being looked after or someone put the pages from the archives on there own site. click on the link in my first post.