Just converted from Pontiac to a New 13 GT 5.0!

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  1. Will always love my 76 Trans Am Bandit, but traded my 2000 T/A for a 13' Deep Impact Blue 5.0 :). Its amazing. Got it with the rare option of Brown Saddle Interior. And of course a 6 speed like how it should be :D

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  2. Pointless to make those cars in auto congrats on the new ride
  3. welcome aboard
  4. Thanks what year mustang did you get. I love those old transams though
  5. +1 on the ta's. welcome to the site
  6. Welcome to the forum.
  7. Get the Ford Racing axil back "Sports" not the GT-500 the Sports. They're $700 buck, yeah-yeah but they are great! Your car will sound like it's got a 24K Cobra naturally aspirated monster under the hood. Late with the rent keep the RPM's low and you won't wake the landlady, stomp it and watch a miscreant BMW swerve. It's power and grace a symphonic tone not noise. The sarcastic lesbians who say your just compensating, will think - hay! That sound nice. Also $90 bucks gets you all four low-expanxion rubber Boss brake-lines (stainless? - nice but metal fatigue effects the steer lines). Stop the hop - $150 for LCA Relocation Brackets, weld-em on. If you lower don't forget the Bump-Steer, X-11 Ball Joint (both Steada), Camber Bolts and maybe the Cobra Jet Strut Tower Base Stiffener from American Muscle $109. Many more mods to go before I rest or race, Later.
  8. I've also gutted the suspension with all up-grades next tire's 19x9/10 x 255 and 285, need to use the HP you got to go/go! Also 5 point belts in both seats and a brace bar in back to anchor the shoulder straps (it looks pretty study and AM say's it also stiffens the body, like a BMR safety loop will also stiffen the drive shaft tunnel. Add the 2x Hero-Pro (Wifi) cameras a Ford tune and maybe an 84.5mm Throttle Body and I'm set. If you flash an SCT tune - Ford will know and your warranty is - lets say contestable, I know the W/M act says...I'm just going to give my Red Devil machine a year to poop a part, if not I can tune-away.
  9. As for the exhaust, just look at it. Ford did a beautiful job on it and if you start cutting it up you'll have Frankenstein, Hero-to-Zero and a mess.
    Just get those FR Axil Back Sports, they bolt right on and the 4" tips fill the rear diffuser openings better then the stock GT tips at 3". The service Dept. won't even notice them until they hear them. Your Mom would approve and the condescending effete Euro snobs will believe your car is worth far more then your station in life should allow, you pretentious domestic up-start.

    I did notice one thing about my Race Red (almost demonic red) car. People for the most part notice it and have an inherit sense of fear of hitting it with their door. I also hope that mal-adjusted; anti-social; zero-liability voter; Skate Punks with entitlement delusions and a KEY (that doesn't open anything but does sate their rage at people with nice paint jobs). I feel they will be intimidated by the color and even though not religious in nature, will wish to CYA should they go where they belong in the after-life. Everyone loves a blue car but it gets dinged.
  10. Had a Blue V6 and always wanted a GT, now I have a 2013 GT/CS and I'm casting a lustful eye at every Boss. So am I to covet a Shelby next? Stop the madness! Superchargers are great till it blows and you're 20 miles out of Kingman, Az. it's midnight on a Sunday and tomorrow is a holiday and you've been subpoenaed to appear before a Grand Jury. Now what? Your indicted by the courts and the cartels are after you because you had to have a fast toy. Let me harness the power of these Twin Variable - Crazy Fast - Cams first.

    I shall also endeavor to resist the Boss manifold. Great look, but does the GT like 7500 RPM? No! Sad face, squiggly valves make fancy ear rings for lady friend. I like my mid-range power and I put synthetic oil in because I want an engine that will last more then 1 or 2 years.

    You got 115 more HP then the previous 4.6 Stang don't get greedy. Later.
  11. Nice buy. I don't know if Vistablue has advice or not. I got a headache reading it all. LOL

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