just curious what are best mods for 4.6 motors

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  1. looking for mods heads cams etc possible rotating assembly . what are the options and aproximate gains and costs
  2. Supercharger.
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  3. +1 for the supercharger!:burnout:
  4. well, depends of how much you are willing to pay , and if your car will be a daily used car or track car,
    for a daily use, I would say go for small things like ,
    air filter, coils, pulleys,

    but I would also go for the super charger, if I can afford it :D
  5. supercharger. gears. bolts ons are disappointing.
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  6. I have cams, gears, longtubes, working on suspension, Not that disappointing seeing what you can do with a all motor 2v,

    Of course when i need a little help i have some N2O.....haha
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  7. Best starter mods are by far gears and exhaust. The exhaust will make you sound great with slight power improvement and the gears will make a substantial difference in your accelleration. After that, if you just want to mess with the car do some bolt ons. If you dont want to mess around and get fast quick, forced induction is your route. Really depends on your intentions for the car though. My mod list accumulated over a long period of time. Some people would do wheels right away.

    Be careful though, modding is addictive. I think I have a problem. A sweet sweet problem :burnout:
    My 2 cents.
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  8. Money
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  9. Seriously though, what are your goals?
  10. The best bolt-ons I did......

    gears, longtubes, subframe connectors
  11. I sat down one weekend and made out a kind of "goal sheet" if you will. I decided what I wanted from my mustang (fast street car) and then made a build list of every part I would need to achieve my goal. I'm not going for super fast 8 second car, but a nice 11-12sec weekend driver. My parts list totals $7780 dollar and is about 2 pages long. I work on it little by little as money/time permits and I set small goal so I feel like I've accomplished something on my project.

    I went with a PI head swap with a stage 2 comp cam set up including adjustable timing gears, valve springs, throttle body and plentum and Ford Racing 9mm wires and MSD coil packs just becuase. The bottom end is stock.

    Thats just the basics I've done to the engine and I'm far from done with the car, but it gives you a point of referance for your question. Sorry I don't have any dyno numbers for you since I'm still working on the car.
  12. The best mod is to instead do preventitive maintenance and cleaning.
  13. Absolutely, but lets assume the car is a 1997 NPI GT with 150k, thats just 10k/year, What kind of preventative maintenance items do you think should be #1-#10?
    Oil change, fluid changes all around, compression test, new plugs/wires, K&N filter, fuel filter (often forgotten), battery test, clean/replace the foggy headlights, check tires for consistent pressure and tread, clean injectors...what more???
  14. Why buy a non PI car? At this point theres no significant difference in price vs a 99 with the better heads. Save yourself the effort of doing the swap.
  15. Not everyone is a fan of the 99-04 body style, but i agree the 99-04 provide more muscle for the buck
  16. Very true, not saying I dont like the looks of the 99-04 but I prefer the 94-98 styling more, JMO lol

    If PI Headed I would say best is Gears, L/T's, Cams
    If Non-PI I would say Gears, L/T's, PI Heads, Cams

    but remember this look at 98Cobra281's NON-PI Stang, dont tell me those heads are junk, they just need some TLC