Just discovered 1964 pace car

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  1. Its been a while, but just got the Indy Car home to KC from Idaho. The drivetrain and body are in great condition and I am sending it in for paint tomorrow. Does anyone have the paint code for the pace car "Milk White" and also for the baby blue 260 for valve covers and breather?

    Also, is the undercarriage also painted the white color?
  2. It would be Pace Car White (color code C). The 260 has a semi gloss black block and heads, medium blue valve covers and air cleaner (not Ford corporate blue), with a black snorkel. The underside can be a flat red oxide, black, or dark gray with expected body color overspray heavier at the edges and fading out as it gets closer to the transmission/driveshaft tunnel.
  3. Thanks, I am looking for the color codes of the paints, so that I can order them. I have seen this information before, but not smart enough to store it in a place I could find.
  4. Just found this thread. That's so awesome! Can't wait to see it restored.
  5. I believe the color blue you are looking for is:

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  6. The exterior paint color is Pace Car White, color code "C", PPG code DDL 8321. The engine blue on the valve covers and air cleaner body is very definitely NOT Old Ford Blue as described above. It has a unique PPG code of 11297. Although it is close to Old Ford Blue, it made a big difference when I finally went to PPG 11297.

    I've heard one owner who says his PC was painted body color underneath, but I wouldn't say it was done to all of them. I would keep the underbody consistent with factory practices at the time. Remember, they were standard production coupes with a special paint code and decals. Even the center stripes were a dealer option available on all Fords in red, white, or blue.

    Also note that the white paint was not developed especially for these Pace Cars. It's from Ford's truck line, where it was known as Frost White.
  7. The old Ford blue was formulated for the 144 and 260 engines. The Reustoleum version always looked a little dark to me, but the Dupli-Color looks quite a bit closer being somewhat milky in color. Although not a pace car, my 64-1/2 and my 65 both appear to be red oxide underneath as is typical to the red oxide, black, or slop grey colors typically seen. I found the statement of the truck frost white interesting and had never heard that before. So out of curiosity, I checked the PPG sheet and low and behold, it listed Pace Car White and truck line Pure White as the same PPG-Ditzler 8321 formula. Learn something new everyday.

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  8. I am in the process of getting a Pace Car that should be to me the first week in October. I would love to be part of this registry please.

  9. SDGrant,

    Just found this forum. I have owned 119502 since the early 80's. Jim Haskell found me in 1985 and we exchanged numerous letters concerning the searce for Pace Cars. He shared his research list with me back at that time. There was an article in the May issue of Mustang Monthly in which Jim was mentioned that really perked my interest about my car as I read it. Then Jim found me later that month and verified my car. He used a picture of my car in a series of articles he wrote for Mustang Times in April May and June 1986. My car appeared in the June issue. I have copies of all three months. I would be interested in seeing the list of cars you have verified. I checked my list, Jim had your car under the name of "Beamer". FYI. Would love to hear from you. My email is [email protected] I live in Wichita, KS. Thanks, Rodney Dodds
  10. I just bought a 64 1/2 and found out later it's a pace car. It's a driver and in pretty good shape. California car with black plates. Date palate number matches the number on the inner fender. Has a 260, white exterior with white interior. Still has the original am radio, keys, blue air cleaner, blue valve covers, and wheel covers.
    Valve covers, air cleaner and wheel covers are in the trunk. Has white paint overspray on the undercarriage. Add it to your registry and pls send me a copy. 5F07F113346 and 65A C 42 14D 71 1 6.
    [email protected].
    I plan to get it appraised once I have it in my possession (currently at my brother I laws) so I can make sure I unsure it properly. Will post pictures soon

    -Rick Martinez