Just drove a 2010 GT... WANT!!

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  1. I just was looking at one myself yesterday. Don't care for them at tall. The interiors are nice. That's about it.
    And WTF is with the antenna? That makes it look like a radio control car.
    And check out one with the XM/Sirius package. Guess where they put the antenna for that? Yep, right smack dab in the middle of the trunk. WTF. :notnice::notnice: It looks like someone took a crap on the middle of the trunk.
    So you have an antenna on the quarter panel and one in the middle of the truck:nonono:
  2. Maybe, but my M2W switch actually IS a performance mod and I installed it, not the factory. 6 RWHP gained in the low end by opening the valves at idle versus 3500RPM. :p

  3. I think i'm the minority in the fact that overall, I like it :shrug:

    However (don't shoot me) I'd still sell my fox for an 05-09. I just hate carpayments and right now i have none :D
  4. I didnt care for the pics I saw of it but in person I liked the rear a bit more. :shrug:

    I could barley hear the engine at all but the tires made alot of noise. They are BFGs though and every test I ever read said that they are loud tires. The plastic feels very nice inside too. The seats are very very comfertable and the shifter is nice and short with short throws.

    I really like the mood lighting thing. The floors, door handles, door sills, dash, cup holders and a few other things are adjustable for the color and they look really neat.

    I also wish every little tid bit about the 2010 Stang wasnt thrown in yet another damn sub forum :nonono:
  5. A place for everything, and everything in its place.

  6. No, not at all. The people screamed for more "muscle" and Ford answered them best way they could before the introduction of the new engine line up the following year by giving them a high flow intake and more aggressive sounding mufflers. A high flow intake and mufflers is what 90% of S197 Mustang owners who modify their cars install right off the bat anyway? As for the intake tube being ricey....I dunno, I don't see any gaudy chrome, or fluorescent stickers or hose clamps on it...nor do I hear a claim of an additional 50hp being made by having it there, so I'd say no to the "rice". :shrug:

    ...also, lets keep in mind that the 19" wheels also translate more road noise to the cabin than the previous optioned 18's and much more so than the standard 17's.
  7. The next stang I would get would be a 05-09, I just can't stand the back end of the 010. I'm sticking with my 01 for the next few years.
  8. I agree whoever said .. They wish they had one on each .. a 05-09 and a 2010 and could take what you like off each and make the car you want .. to me its really about which car has the best deal when I trade in a few months ..
  9. That makes it look a WHOLE lot better. I sure some aftermarket parts will come out soon that are able to be painted.
  10. I have to vote 2 thumbs down on the new rear end. I want to love the car but that is one ugly back side. I bet Ford dosen't stay with that ass end for long. It was a big step backwards.
  11. :eek: a ghost just posted!!!
  12. Mehh, that's what the classic lovers said about the first Fox bodies....then the Fox body guys said about the SN95's....and then the Fox and SN95 guys said about the first S197's. Its a look thats going to apeal to some and turn others off. I personally am not overly impressed with it, but I imagine it will grow on me just as some of the other models have over the years. You can't please everyone. :shrug:
  13. :jaw: you cant????????

  14. That does look much better :nice:
  15. Hell yea i loike the 2010. I even like the rearend. I can't wait to get the chance to drive one either.

  16. IMO every Mustang since `93 has had something odd about their rear panel ........

    but eventually [somehow] we all grow to appreciate them :nice:

    I'm liking this one better than most.
  17. Happy with my tried and true 94
  18. I like it alot, if i had the money i would buy it
  19. Dont the still give you royalties from Knight Rider?