Just drove a 2010 GT... WANT!!

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  1. I just got back from the 45th show at Barbers will download a lot of side by side so everyone can judge..also have some good pics from a seldom seen angle ...lol
  2. Not sure why all the hate on the car, I love the new mustang even better than the 05's. I like the fact that they handle very well, but that plastic on the side and the back needs to go. In a few years I'll be in one of those.
  3. Just not understanding all the hate on the 2010's either. I guess the rear end is a love or hate thing. Like all things it'll grow on people and after awhile they'll wonder why they ever hated it. To me its the same difference form the SN-95 to the New Edge, the New Edge had a allot more aggressive look to it than the Aero. Same with the 2010, it looks allot more aggressive than the S197.

    As for that piece of plastic in the back, I'd be willing to bet in another year or 2 it'll come painted or with the option at least. Get black and it should fade right in. :nice:
  5. For those hating the unpainted mouldings, take a trip back in your heads and remember that the fox body LX's came with flat, unpainted trim and mouldings all the way up until their last 2-years of production. Even the GT's didn't get paint until 1987.....and they were amongst the most popular Mustangs ever. How soon we forget. ;)
  6. I dont hate them, I kinda like them. I think about all the little rocks that hit down there and pit my car.... I have thought about spraying bed liner on my rockers :nonono:
    The cars tail is growing on my too. It was driving the car that made me really want one :nice:
  7. Thats beautiful, very nice car, a little lower and some wider tires and that thing would look killer, it even looks awsome as is.
  8. I saw four GTs (one a convertible) at the local dealership...two of them were for Export to Switzerland. The colors were Kona, Sterling Grey, and a the "dark red." I love the aggressive front fascia! And I also do like the "hump" on the rear quarter panels. However, I'm still not sold on the rear look...too much cheap looking plastic (which we all know it will turn more and more gray as it ages)...also I always thought that the rocker panels look great when they match the paint of the car...however, they had to keep them in a flat black plastic finish to match the awful rear bottom end plastic. Oh, well...in time, I guess we will get used to it.
    I almost forgot...I do not like the "black chrome pony" on the GT...if you stand more than 20 feet away you can hardly see it since it blends in with the black plastic grille. They should have simply eliminated the pony...it looks ridiculous.
    BTW, one of the GTs...(one of the sterling grey ones)...was modified with a much larger spoiler, hood scoop, and quarter window louvers ...looked pretty sharp and they were asking $35K for it.
  9. I went to the local dealer to see if they had any 2010's in yet (do we have a new chassis code for it or what?) and they had an ugly merlot rental car colored GT coupe with the glass roof and all options. I loved it, grabbed a brochure, and will get one when the better engine arrives for 2011 or later. :)
  10. I know it's like they took a rubber 2005 model and squeezed the nose and rear ... :nonono: