Just dynoed again.

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  1. I put down 310.39rwhp and 305.50rwtq.

    My question is simple, I want more power, how?? (No forced induction)

    I still need a dyno tune, I also want to ditch my BBK CAI and get a JLT or some kind of straight shot CAI. I'm also gonna port out my intake. So I'm wondering by doing all this could I accomplish 340rwhp??

    My scanner is messed up at home or I would post the dyno graph, but right at 3,000rpms my airfuel dips below 13 and right around 3,500rpms its at a 12/1 then right at 6,500rpms its at 11.76/1.

    Let me know what yall think!
  2. I think by swapping out to a JLT CAI and having your lower intake extrude honed-- NOT ported, and then a nice dyno tune, I think you could realistically get 325-330 rwhp out of the beast.

    Have you looked into a meziere electric water pump? They've been dyno proven to frre up roughly 10 rwhp on just 2VNA motors.

    I think the the combo of all three might get ya to 340 :)
  3. ditch your blowmasters. My previous best trap was a 103.6 after 7 runs. I switched out my welded in flows for a bassani catback and trapped 106.2 my first and only run. Weather is about the same, about 5-10 degrees cooler, still humid as hell.

    I am a firm believer now in catbacks for Cobras, the bassani has made huge power for me.
  4. Thanks Guys,

    So what is the difference b/w porting and extruned honed??

    I have heard about the electric pump but I have heard that the reliability is not good on them, and if they go out you wont know until its to late.

    My friend knows a friend that will do my intake for $300 w/out a core charge or whatever its called, thats why I wanna do it.

    About the Flows and any catback I still question them. If some one could give me a before and after dyno graph of "proven hp" then I might switch. But just remember how much a Bassani catback is for my Car ($600) Thats way to much for 5 more rwhp, especially after I already have an aftermarket catback. I think its more of a sound preference.

    Some more questions

    1) Throttle body?? yes or no?

    2) Aftermarket Air mass meter? Does the JLT come w/ one that will supply me w/ the most hp??
  5. I have my densencharger with pro-m maf off my 01 cobra I will be selling if you ever have interest let me know. It was only on the car for a few hundred miles...300 or so. I have the directions as well just need to get a box for it and sell it some place.

    If you get exhaust get the SLP if you like loud...380 bucks or so new for the catback and sounds great. Also not sure on the 01 but on the 03+ was making tons of power.
  6. I got my Bassani catback for $315 + $40 shipping off ebay.

    The ONLY changes I made to my car was the catback and new tires. The new tires didn't do jack b/c my '60 stayed basically the same. (2.29 vs. 2.27). I made ONE pass and trapped 106.2 vs. 103.6. The temperature was basically the same, only a couple months apart, like I said 5-10 degrees difference with basically the same amount of humidity, no drastic changes to say the least. What else could it be? My 60' foots were the same, almost everything was identical, yet I dropped a tad bit over .2 and gained almost 3mph. This is PROOF enough for me. Not to mention my car is now louder and has a more "snarley" tone to it. I am very happy with the system. I'm going to add another degree of timing to my t/a and shoot for 107 traps in the winter and 300rwhp. This is on a 97 Cobra with a upr X, bassani catback, intake, t/a and gears. Only a few basic bolt ons. :cool:


    Pro-M makes good meters. Good for a few HP. Not worth the money IMO.
  7. I'm sure ya know what porting is, so I wont bother explaining that, but extrude honing process forces a sand-like media through your intake, and it flows exactly like air would, through every orifice air would go, and it effectively ports and polishes your intake from the inside out. EH doesnt require your intake to be cut in half, then re-welded, like porting does. Also, because of the nature of the EH process, you dont have to send your heads in as well to have them portmatched. Hand porting requires this, unless your freind has a special jig setup to show him where to stop boring at. Check out Extrude Hone's Website for more info.

    They're perfectly reliable. Meziere has been making these for 10 years and I have not heard of one engine killing failure with them. In fact, my father has had one on his SBC for the last 3 years, and its never missed a beat. Plus, it free'd up almost 15 hp on his application. If you are nervous of their reliablility, just watch your water temp gauge for a few days, until you get over it. I would reccomend an autometer gauge though, factory ones are quite crappy

    Do you know if this guy is gonna chop open your intake to port it, or just do what he can from the outside? If he's NOT chopping it open, it will be a piss-poor job and you'll be getting ripped off. Last time I checked, EH charges $280 for a lower intake on our cars and they do a vastly superior job. Also, if your guy isnt going to port-match your heads, you could end up loosing a lil hp, instead of gaining anything.

    You're right. It is a sound preference, and I doubt you would pick up even 5 hp with another catback. If you like yours, keep it :)

    Some more questions

    No, unless you are blown and are approaching the 450 rwhp mark, TB's have been proven to sometimes even loose hp over stockers on 4V's

    It doesn't come with one, but its an option you can choose while ordering from Tucker.. i beleive its like 30 dollars more or something. Quite worth it for just a few dollars :)

    Hope this helps.
  8. I agree about the flowmasters .There is muffler cfm comparison chart somewhere that I've seen and flowmasters were in the bottom 3 worst flowing ones. Switching to magna or borla will probably give you at least 10rw. Then a good tune, and you should be pretty close to your goals

  9. So basically if I get my intake extrude and honed they are gonna basically blow sand through it to smooth it out etc. w/out having to cut it open.

    So its really just an easier way to do porting.?

    What I dont get is that you have to cut the intake to port it but you dont to have to get it extruned/honed?? :shrug: I'm confused. Why couldnt you just take the intake off to port it also??

    Off topic' How do you pick out parts of what others are saying to quote them instead of quoting the whole thing??
  10. That's correct basically. The media they use isn't sand of course, but sand is just an easy thing to compare it to.
    Easier, and also gives more efficient results.
    You need to get it cut open to be hand-ported, because the tools used in the process cannot reach every square inch of the inside of the manifold. You have to cut it open to be able to get to everything by hand. You don't need to do this with extrude honing because the media flows in the same pattern in which air does throughout the manifold. HTe media reaches everything that air does.

    Picture in your mind, a shoebox. on one side of the box is a 2in x 2in opening. You want to paint the entire inside of the shoebox with green paint [IE- porting]. Try painting everything through the 2in square hole. You wont be able to reach most of it, unless you take the box top off. [cutting the manifold]

    Now conversely, if you just pour paint through the 2in hole [extrude-honing], it'll cover everything, and you wont have to deal with opening the box, and re-sealing it [cutting and mig welding the manifold back together again]

    I hope this makes it a bit more clear to ya :)
    This one's easy, use the QUOTE tags before and after what you want to highlight. Like this: {QUOTE} blah blah blah {/QUOTE} but replace the {}'s with []'s
    If done right, it'll look like this:

  11. That is extremely optimistic. Don't go telling ppl they'll pick up 10 rwhp from switching aftermarket mufflers.

    Switcing from a stock to a magnaflow or whatever, its possible to gain that much, but NOT from one aftermarket catback to another. The performance difference in a 4VNA is going to be negligable. IE- under 5rwhp.
  12. So....how did my trap speed shoot from 103.6 to 106.2 with the same 60', my ET drop a little over .2, with VERY similer conditions, with the simple swap of my welded in flows for a bassani catback?

  13. Not to be a punk, but you've answered your own question man. You put new tires on, swapped out your catback, and cut a better 60-foot time in more dense air. All that put together could very easily net you 2.6 more mph at the big end.

    Did your new catback help you get 2.6 more mph? I'm sure it did- but It did not do all the work itself. Heck, you could have just revved 2nd gear out a split second longer and gotten half that mph increase.

    I love the way bassani's sound- that what I'd like to put on my ride :)
  14. Do you really think the .07 difference in the 60' made all the difference in my MPH? That might drop my ET like .07 if anything.

    The air probably played a small role. But I am confident that the Catback played a very big role. Were not talking winter vs. summer air, were talking a couple months apart.

    And your right, the Bassani Street Comp Catback sounds AMAZING with my offroad upr X. Loud as HELL.
  15. No. I said:

  16. Check the numbers on my sig. I had flowmasters and a MAC CAI same as a BBK one and my numbers were 307rwhp. I switched my cat back to a Magnaflow one and my intake to the WMS one that comes with a 95mm MAM. I dynoed again and got 332rwhp. Also straight threw mifflers like Magnaflow give more power then chambered ones. Just get the mufflers and WMS High veloscity intake system .
  17. I'll tell people what I know, sorry if you dont agree with it. I should have probably said 15-20rwhp - but I was being cautious. Flowmasters do not flow good - thats a fact. Hey, I got an idea - you go with the flows, and lets race, k?

  18. An EH for a 99-01 4.6 DOHC lower intake alone is $600.00 and always has been

  19. Hey I got an idea too, why don't you continue to compare performance gains with your boosted 03 to NA 99/01's and see how many ppl you impress.

    With a blown car, those gains you claim are very realistic. They are not for NA cars, which is what we've been talking about this entire time.
  20. Ah my bad, I had another nubmer in my head. I still dunno where you're getting $600 from. Here's their price list.

    Price List