Just dynoed again.

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  1. Dang you gained 30rwhp by just switching out your CAI and a catback??

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  2. What about a plasma booster??

    Anyone hear about them??
  3. Bob Cosby (I Think) did research and testing on it and proved it worthless, a 1-3rwhp gain. Waste of money.
  4. You're right, that is the price list and no where is lower intake for Ford 4.6 DOHC listed.. Call and talk to Rick Miller at EH and he'll give you the price of $600.00. Pricey but true, I know this because I was one of the first to have mine done by him.

  5. If you can prove, with a back-to-back dyno of the exact same car on the exact same day on the exact same dyno, that a pre-03 N/A 4v Cobra will pick up significant gains from a catback swap, i'll be freaking impressed.

    BTW - The kid I sold my car to went 13.2 @ 105 with ET drags, 3.73's, and an offroad h-pipe. Stock mufflers. How'd that happen?

    You're comparing apples to oranges if you're comparing two different track days. I've had my car trap 102 and 104.89 on the exact same freaking day, same conditions, same shift points, same humidity, same launch, same cooldown time, etc..

    If you don't have dyno numbers to back up your claims - don't preach them as objective evidence.
  6. Took the words right out of my mouth>
  7. i gained 15rwhp with my BASSANI catback. My catback sounds amazing. it is very loud, and very edgy and snarley. It pops and rasps a little, but that just adds to the p!ssed off character of the car. It is the true sound of intemidation. It was the catback and the catback alone that netted me almost 3mph. I own you all, and so does my car. Merry christmas.

    Hows that for preachin?

  8. :rolleyes:
  9. There are also good power gains by getting your heads ported and replacing the stock cams. A bit costly but well worth it.

  10. What he said.
  11. Not with that 1/4 mile time you don't :(