Just finished gears!! OMG!!!!

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  1. I 1st went from stock 2.73 to 3.73 that was awesome but for Street Warrior competition I had to go with 4.30 much better and if I get jiggy with it If I get a new engine that I want I will go with 4.56 or even steeper do not know yet. Good job with the gears though ya did good!
  2. Yeah, sounds like a plan.......:nonono:

    I can't even imagine 4.56's. That has to be absolutely nuts. Is that the highest you can go for Street Warrior class?
  3. Gears are harder... I would do the clutch without thinking twice but I'd never touch the differential without someone there who knew exactly what was up.
  4. i agree. with a clutch, the R/R is basically academic. bolt out, bolt in. with gears, you gotta do some finicky adjustments, as everyone outlined. i dont think i would do gears myself (im so anal i would worry that i did not get them perfect, though ironically, i would probably do a better job than a shop).

    IIRC, Id-withheld ran 4.56's in his late-model cobra (like '99 or somewhere around there). he fried trans after trans before he had to get rid of it.
  5. Congrats. I was in your shoes. Never touched a rearend differential in my life and then ended up installing my own FRPP 3.73 gears. I did mine with the car on jackstands in my garage. I used all the original shims with no problems at all. Here is where my experience is different than yours. There was no way to crush the crush collar from under the car with the tools I had. Talked to a local Mustang guru and he said I could reuse the original crush collar as long as it was not fully collapsed. I did this and have not had any problems. Kinda wish I had gone with 4.10's also.
  6. Nice man, you member when I tryed help you what kinda gears you have last year
    3.73s are way to go
  7. Oh I definately do. I do try to listen to the people on these forums. They usually know what they are talking about.

    I drove my friends 91LX that had 3.73's, and I didn't mind the rpm's too much at 75mph (stereo does the trick), and I loved how the car pulled throughout each gear.
  8. IN lbs???? OR FT lbs????? There is a HUGE difference. Are you sure it is not supposed to be FT lbs?????
  9. Kinda late but mo dingo gears are way to go :nice:
  10. man i cant wait until i get gears!
  11. wow, talk about reviving a thread....getting ready to go from 2.73's to 3.73's myself and I cannot wait!! :nice:
  12. I had just convinced myself not to do a gear swap, then someone has to go and resurrect this! Guess it's time to go shopping...
  13. I'm going to get started on my gear swap tonight.

    Steppin' it up to some 4.56s! It's going to be awesome.
  14. Just ordered my FRPP 3.73s from Summit. Hopefully I'll be doing my swap next weekend. :D

    It's still snowing here, and my new front tires aren't in yet, so I can't get the car out yet anyway . I was going to have to do new axle bearings before I put it on the road, so it just makes sense to do my gear swap while I'm at it, right? :shrug:

    So has anyone done this job on jackstands? The O/P said he did it on a lift, which I don't have access to. How much hassle is it to do on jackstands? Should I go ahead and pull the rear axle and do it on my workbench?
  15. I just got some gears installed in my '95 Cobra. I love them! It really does wake the car up.
  16. Wow! this just answered a question I posted recently... I'm def. gonna do this after my 5 speed swap!
  17. This is really good info and helped me upgrade my gears! thnx:nice:
  18. hmmm, i have some 3.73s in my basement ... maybe i should try them out