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  2. Was that the future Mrs Chepsk8 behind the wheel? She takes the turns just like Dan!
    :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh:
  3. I've seen that video! Poor Car!

    "Mrs. Chepsk8"?? Not her! I need someone with a brain!
  4. Thats why you can never just sell your muscle car/antique car, to a complete stragner. It almost always ends the same way.
  5. hey the paint looked almost indian fire too!!!!! Hey Dan, i changed my mind, you can paint cobrask8 indian fire if you want, i'm ok with it now.

    yeah, i agree with Dan he doesn't need this girl as the future Mrs. what the hell would they do with 2 totalled cobras? :rlaugh:
  6. Oh chepies cobra was far from totaled, it just wanted a little love and that was the only why it knew how to tell him. :nice:
  7. Actually, COBRASK8 will be starring in two articles in KIT CAR magazine soon!
  8. Hey Dan, I know where you can pick up another CobraSk8 project, cheap... :rlaugh:

    Sounds like they are saying "It's ok grandma" Yikes, if that was grandma...
  9. She centerpunched that Superformance around the pole and over the parked car quite good! That one may be gone.

    Andy, I hope Heather's Mom drives better!
  10. Hell...the way they drive, I'm not sure I'd even let them have roller skates!:eek:
  11. Dammit, Dan! :damnit: Why did you let my mother-in-law drive Cobrask8 II ?????? :bang:

    I told you that Mrs StDr's inability to handle stick-shift vehicles was hereditary! :nonono:

    EDIT: What? You thought I was gonna say that was my wife at the wheel? No way, Buckwheat! She sleeps next to me, and Mr Smith and Mr Wesson with their 6 friends the Federal Premium Hydra-Shok boys sleep in her nightstand! Ain't no way I'm gonna claims she's the one that woman called "Grandma"!!!
  12. Hey now!!!:nono: WE are fully aware that the georgeous blonde you are married to is NO WHERE NEAR old enough to be a "Grandma" y'ever lovin' geezer!

    we are however, still questioning her sanity......c'mon, she married YOU didn't she?!?!:D
  13. Fritz, I hate to tell you this; but things are a little different here on the Mexican border. At work, I met one woman who is a 50-yr-old Great-Grandma!
    Her daughter was born when she was 16; daughter had a son when she was 17; the son's first kid (Illegitimate, why break with tradition?:rolleyes: ) was born six months ago. :nonono:

    EDIT: Oh yeah; those of us who work for a living are naturally paying for this family's health care..... and food..... and housing..... and phone.... and DSL.... and satellite TV...... and, and,and, oh yeah! The '06 Altima, and..... :shrug:
  14. Okay.... now that I'm off THAT Grumpy rant.....

    ... has any found any background on this video? Was this grandma's car? Somebody (with more money than brains) loan it to her?

    Most importantly - was it really being pulled around by a 427? An FE 427? :jaw:
  15. Grumpy rant huh? Just more proof of your geezerism!:rlaugh:
  16. they dont call em cobras for nothing, she just got bit........... BY the SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSnake!
  17. Hell, my grandmother can drive better than that, and she's been DEAD for fifteen years!:rolleyes:
  18. Why is it evry time we mention Andy's future Mother-in-law, he gets quiet?

    StD - 427 Windsor - 351 Bored & stroked.
  19. Would you want ANYONE from the Closet / Gutter as an In-Law..???:rolleyes: