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  1. :jaw: :bang: :jaw:

    I only found the vid on you tube one night while i was looking for cobra vids.

    I need to get my thrills watching cobra vids, every since i got cut off. :(
  2. Yeah, Andy. When it's time to explain why you hang out in The Gutter; you can have her Mom's new boyfriend (he hopes) explain it to her........ :eek:
  3. I started the Gutter, I don't have to explain it!
  4. See, that's the way to do it, start the Gutter, then sit back and watch it spiral into the depths of depravity.. It's almost a sport in some forums. :rlaugh:
  5. I don't know what it is, the gutter is dirty filled with jello and smells like blue fur, but i cant stop jumping in. The attraction to the gutter is very powerfull.
  6. It's like driving past a terrible auto accident, you know you shouldn't gawk but you just can't help yourself!:D

    BTW El Cheapo, I distinctly remember myself and several others with shovels in hand while you stood there, hands in pockets, screaming DIG you dirty Closet Critters!!! when the Gutter was installed, which we were doing to alleviate the over-flow from the Jacuzzi!:rolleyes:
  7. Time for a history lesson...

    The Gutter started when first Chepie went toppless, then MustSuzi went topless, then she wanted to be spanked, then it was chaos after that for many, many pages until the thread got locked three different times!
  8. I remember that thread, i even had it bookmarked on my old computer. That was a good one
  9. Carefull where you jump, you might get STOMPED.

    Am I allowed to say that... :scratch:
  10. Yet you conviently forgot that the chaos was created by Closet Critters and Avatar Girls splashing in and out of the Jacuzzi while celebrating Chepie's and MustSuzi's toplessness!:nono:
  11. And who's Jacuzzi might that have been????

    Which reminds me, it's (finally) starting to cool off; time to drain the ol' tub and switch back from chlorine to bromine.... easier on the eyes and sinuses, and actually goes pretty good with vodka and mai-tai mix :banana:
  12. Yes, you do! If your gonna snag Heather's Mom away from Fritz and all the other single "elder statesmen" around here; you gotta explain why we all (including our young Padawan "Andy Hand Solo") act the way we do! It's "The Gutter" and you designed it!

    So, trim the 'chu and your mop of unruly hair; put on your best foo-foo spray and turn on the charm; schmooooooooooze the woman. You owe it to Andy, you owe it to The Force!

    Heeheehee.... "Andy Hand Solo"..... I kill me! :rlaugh:
  13. LoL :nice: Its to early in the mornin to have a mind like that, but i suppose its never to early to take a dive in the gutter! :rolleyes:

  14. No more Frank Zappa Look-Alike contests?:bang: :bang: :mad:

    You all know as well as me, there is no explanation for us! We just fell into this. Besides, I buried the plans for the gutter once it was filled in the muck in the bottom of the Gutter!

    Now, where to find Schmoooooooozing lessons.......:shrug:
  15. My point was that El Cheapo (besides being a good name for a lousy cigar) had assistance from multiple sources during the installation of The Gutter!:nice:

    Yes Andy, it is too early in the moron for StDr's psychotically psyck psense of humor, but it is NEVER too early to go Gutter diving.:rolleyes:

    HOWEVER, dive at your own risk.....we don't have a lifeguard on duty ever since the last one disappeared!:eek:
  16. I have a group of friends that i get my schmoooooozing lessons from, they are not always right and often they find themselves going off topic really easily. But somehow there lessons and guidance seem to work :shrug: :nice:
  17. That's because they have a lot of experience in finding out what doesn't work! :lol:
  18. Aahhhhh yes! Experience.....let's you recognize a mistake....when you make it again!:lol:
  19. Just ask Deanna, she claims I know nothing!
  20. She is just plain WRONG!:nono:

    You know LESS than nothing!:rlaugh: