Just for fun, RICERS stories here!

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  1. Thread started in 03 And still going strong!

  2. one day while in my 94 lazer red supercharged gt i ran a srt4 at 2/3 throttle i passed him and the i told him i was running a vortech at 10 lbs and he asked if i had a supercharger...

    :lol: :lol: :lol:

    anyway i have a few i destoyed a limegreen turbo civic that reved at me a 94 accord lowered with stock rims and a fart can and just the other night i killed a 240sx of and one day i saw a chevy astro beat a acura integra funny stuff but thats about it
  3. One the way to work a couple months ago I had an encounter with a ricer in a crx. I was sitting at a light and this guy starts revving his fart can. I look in the rear view and see his crx with no hood. Light turns green and I take off like normal. He waits a second and is then on my bumper. I see that he thinks his car is bad a$$ so on my shift to second I hit the accelerator and dump the clutch. I leave two nice black strips on the ground and him in the dust. I shut it down at the top of second cause it is a 45mph road and lots of traffic and rice boy flys by and turns on his flashers. I got to work and was all made because this twerp is probably telling everyone he beat a mustang on the way to work.

    I hate Ricers. I don't mind the cars but they think they are all fast cause they put all of this crap on them.

    stack :cheers:
  4. i know i say this a lot, but i don't even want to race them anymore. i just want to phsically beat them until their teeth are embedded into my knuckles. if you wanna drive a piece of **** that's ok, just don't pull up next to me and rev your 4 banger and look at me like you'll smoke my ass. :mad:
    boy do i feel better now.
  5. yeah thats true for most but i have a buddy that did all his stupid cosmetic things first (oh should mention he has a turbo eclipse) but then he did minor engine stuff and his car whomps on mine just depends what the person is like.... the other day i was looking for stupid ricer websites when i found honda-tech.com it was pretty funny they knew there cars didnt stand much chance against mustangs and stuff and they admitted it.. the best part was that they made fun of ricers! :lol:
  6. a couple weeks ago a couple buddies and I went to the track. I have a 95 gts, of the other two guys, one has a 94 cobra the other has a 99gt. Anyway, one of our friends has a GS-T eclipse, he decides he wants to go. He comes over and i asked him what he thought he was gonna run. He says, yah im not really sure probably mid to high 14s, like your mustang. I kinda laugh and tell him good luck. Well after the first run he runs a low 16. car's not runninng right he says. Lets it cool off a little bit, then the second run. a 17.20. He left without saying a word. LOL sorry kinda long, but a true ricer thing to do.

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    ahhahahahahahahahhaha they'r so funny hahah

    anyway as the other guy was saying, i'm not racing them alot cuz i know they dont stand a chance and i dont wanna risk loosing my license for a CIVIC BOY for sure!
  8. I got a cool ricer story....I was comin home from work and I see a 92-96 prelude comin up passin people to get next to me.. He gave it some gas as he went by, and I figure eh, why waste the gas. He wasn't really riced out, just an automatic prelude(who knows what model) with a muffler. Anyways, he was givin some gas, tryin to get me to go, but I couldn't cuz of traffic. However I had to slow down, and I throw her in second and pass him with 5000rpms on the tach....A little up the road, he looks at me and gives me a :nice: and sez "badass".....and he pulls away casually.

    Cool kid, he got my respect for not being a ricer....
  9. I have a really funny one...I was in the 95 about 3 weeks ago with my friend Dave in the passenger seat. I am crusin in the middle lane of the highway at about 75-80mph. All of a sudden I see this like mint condition 1990 CRX. I am so used to seeing CRX's with stickers and all beat up with a fart tube out back. This thing was factory mint mint stock condition down to the 14 inch hubcaps :rlaugh: . I commented to my friend how incredibly clean it was....then all of a sudden I hear this loud WHHHHHEEEEEMMMMMM (hilarious import muffler noise). It kept bellowing louder, and I noticed holy s this kid has just floored it and is trying to race me. With me just maintaining my speed he is pulling from me like inches at a time. Me and my friend start laughing aloud and all of a sudden...BBBOOOOOm, smoke everywhere under the car, rattling, banging....HIS MOTOR BLEW :rlaugh: !!!! It was so freakin funny.
    Another funny on was last year me and my friend Eric were in his 89 GT convertible (mid 13 sec car) real nice. We were driving home from ATCO raceway near our house. We were on the highway and this POS dooky brown colored like 1982 VW rabbit with 13 inch wheels comes up next to us and maintains our speed of like 70 mph for like 2 minutes. My friend down shifts to 3rd, holds it, hits 4th...were cruisin like 125mph and all of a sudden WHHHEEEEMMM, this thing flys by us like we were standing still and just keeps pulling and pulling from us. We both stop at a gas station and he shows us that he has a twin turbo rotary from a 95 RX-7 and he runs low 11's with no traction...OMG it was so classic. :D
  10. I have had a few encouters with civics and the like. I live in Al and there are quite a few cars around here now that are getting to be pretty fast imports. There are also some that think there cars are fast and they aren't, anyhow I used to have a crx and i used to rev at guys in mustangs etc. just so they would take off on me and i could see how fast there cars were. But i knew better than to race them. I drove that car for three years saved up the money and paid cash for my stang.

    There is however a guy i know who has a prelude that is turbocharged that will walk me ( for the moment )

    and there is a good friend of mine with a Evolution, he wanted to race and doesnt want to race me anymore. I pulled on him and let out after about 75 and he didn't give me any ****. but when he gets the stuff has bought lately installed it will be another story

    so i am going to start working on the car again to maintain my small town status

    Jason :nice:
  11. Hello This Belongs In The Talk Forum Smart Guys.
  12. what kind of work do you have done to your car??.....my most recent ricer story goes as follows....I'm going to meet my friend who works at autozone so we can than go hang out at the local scene....and this guy in a yellow CRX, with yellow spray painted wheels is next to me as i pull on to one of the main roads around here...we go up the road a little ways(him right beside me the whole time) and get to a light....light turns green and i start to pull away....i hear his engine so i give a quick stab(to about 1/2 throttle) of the throttle up to maybe 3 grand and as i put it into 2nd i realize he is still at my door...and i think to myself "this guy is REALLY trying!" so i get off the clutch in 2nd...foot to the floor....bye bye CRX

  13. HAHAHHAHAHA THATS ONE OF THE BESt! :rlaugh: :rlaugh:
  14. If a GS-T eclipse really ran a 17.2 something is bad wrong. I know a guy with a turbo laser and its FAST. Im talking LS1 camaro fast. I raced him in my camaro and beat him when he was out of tune with 14 pounds.

    He got his crap together with 19psi and no fuel cut and it screams now. Its crazy. Im thinking mid-low 13s at least.

  15. I know his car should run with mine. but it didn't then and he was talkin like it was going to. I know if he could get it to run 19psi, he would stomp on me, but it doesnt and he still talks.... you know just a typical ricer thing to do.

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  19. My Toyota CAMmedRY XLE V6 is tearin up the street racin ricers with a 50 shot , cams, some head work, just a few minor details :owned:

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