Just for fun, RICERS stories here!

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  1. well tonite was funny. i wathched tons of civics and integras get the crap beaten out of them. there were a couple quick ones out there but nothin my stang wouldnt take care of once its done. the best race was a stock corolla vs a "modded" (i use that word loosely) civic. the corolla won lol.
  2. yeah it was gettin like that when I left my home town of Richland, WA 2 1/2 years ago none of the hot rodders would come out to the street races anymore due to the fact the import guys would show up and follow us out there and of course where ever they went the cops would follow because they thought that they had to "race" (haha) to the races something about cutting people off on freeways at 12am draws attention. So the only thing you see nowadays is those corolla vs honda races its gay and not even worth my trouble when I do get to sprend my little time at home. :nonono:
  3. I agree, there is a lot of idiots in very slow cars doing stupid **** at the races here in WA. but every now and then, you find guys in fast cars that have respect. for example, a S200 with a jackson supercharger, just a wee bit slower than me. he ended up being really cool and had lots of compliments on mustangs. another example is a turbo hatch, the guy knows I'm cool and the only time he beats me is when he turns up his boost and I burn out, anyways, every time I see him he asks me if I've done anything more to my motor. :lol: one time his semi hot sister was talking a lot of **** when we lined up, and I gave her this look like, how could you even try to cop an attitude? anyways I got out of the hole quicker and I launched on them before the turbo spooled, and stayed ahead untill the run was finished (I run consistent 102 trap times, so at like 105 I quit). she wouldnt look at me anymore. and I made fun of her bad attitude.
  4. here it is :banana:
  5. Nice... Okay here's my new story:

    So I'm heading home last night, and am pulling out onto a 4 lane (2 each way) street. Well there's a car coming so I as it a little to get moving, get up to the speed limit (40mph) and all of the sudden here's this Civic doing a ricer flyby. :notnice: He then slows down, so I speed up to about 45 and pull up next to him. Well now he's ignoring me and avoiding eye contact, so I say screw it and pass him and keep going. Well a few seconds later, I hear fart can, look in my side mirror, and he's coming up on me fairly quick. So I let him get to my back bumper, drop it into 2nd and hammer it. Of course 2nd winds out fast, but I put about a 2 cars on him. I wind out 3rd and have about 8 car lengths on him by the time I hit the brakes. What does he do then? Another ricer flyby. He then slows down and waits like he wants to race more, so I pass him (cus he slowed down to like 30 in the now 55mph zone) and he pulls up to my back bumper and just drives there for a while. He will NOT pull up next to me, even when I slow down. So finally I'm coming up on the highway I need to take, and I put my left blinker on to turn after the bridge, and he cuts in behind me and follows me up the on ramp. Then he does someting REALLY stupid. HE TRIES TO PASS ME ON THE ENTRANCE RAMP!! Well I'm not gonna let that happen, so I downshift into 2nd (I was doing about 40) and let 'er rip. I get up to 100 before I hit the highway (uphill too, lol) and let off. He was about 8 or 9 car lengths back. Well a minute or so later he comes and pulls up behind me in the left lane. I'm done proving my point and continue doing the speed limit. Then he drops back real fast, then comes flying back for yet another ricer flyby. :nonono: As he's passing me, I hear something go POP! and he drops back again, but this time he puts on his blinkers and pulls onto the shoulder. :owned: lmao, I don't know what he did, but he musta broke something. The best part was his girlfriend was with him the whole time, lol. Stupid ricer... Where did that ricer story thread go? I need to post this in there instead.

  6. This is the ricer story thread lol, been here since July 03 and survived the stangnet crash :hail2:

  7. Dude I know that guy. At the track not too long ago this guy with a white gs-t was bragging how he hangs /beats modded srt-4s all the time and talking all this ****. Ran like 16s beacuse of "a lack of traction". The n I saw him at dyno nights at streets finest and he was gonna dyno his car. He was telling all his freinds how if he doesnt break 350 hp hes going to be pissed and was gonna have to get a new turbo and stuff. The thing dynoed like 162. I couldnt stop laughing.
  8. A little back ground on last nite.....right near the spot where we usually hang out there was a 4 car accident on the highway. from our spot we could see the body bags being takin away and this was no fun :notnice: . of course the rice boys were taking off all over the place doing their single wheel burnouts and flying by the crash all the while the place is swarming with state troopers. what do some people think :shrug:
  9. After we relocated to a new spot, all my freinds went home and it was me and all the ricers (i had 2 freinds in my car). so we are just sitting in my car watching the civics fly up and down the street (i think some of them were racing themselves :shrug: ).

    so i pull up to a group of them and say ok im bored anyone wanna race for fun? well i guess they saw the numbers on my window so this 1 guy is like so whats this thing run? so i say i went 14.1(this was no nitrous which i didnt even have with me last nite). hes like "o thats what my car did stock". i replied o thats cool what u got. I swear to everyone that he responded "a civic ex". i went o really. hes like yea with a type r motor. By this point i was laughing since that is not a stock car or it was a 14.1 eigth mile :lol:.

    finally a guy in a toothepaste green(and i emphasize "spearment") crx says ok lets go. we decide to go from a stop. as we line up, he says hold on, gets out of his car, and opens his hood and fixes something(i think his intake fell off). then he does a burnout. we go on the 3rd beep. at 80 just after i hit 3rd, i backed off. this was just after i passed where everyone was. my freinds told me it was about 7 cars :rlaugh:

    so, thinking that was they best they had to offer, i decide to leave.after i am about to leave, a car follows me. soon he pulls up next to me and its a fox body lx :banana: . we go from a 30 roll and he was :owned: (even after i missed 3rd). i later learn from him he had gears, a tremec, and a couple bolt ons and 1 other person in his car. i think i did ok against a car that is lighter, has gears, and just a tad less power :shrug:

    so we hang out for a little while then i decide to go home (2 am at this point). so just as we cross back into new york on a 4 lane road, a kid i know in a white tiburon flys by me. hes been wanting to run me for a while. he has bolt ons and says his lightened flywheel gives him 15 horsepower :rolleyes:. so he passes me then slows down next to me down to my 60 mph. then i see his car jump, so i down it to 3rd, then think we arent racing, then he starts to go, so then i get back on the throttle. so with no surprise i :owned: him too(keep in mind i had three people in my car and he had none). i get up to about 100 or so then back off. and you all know what came next.....

    :banana: The Ricer Flyby! :banana:

    even with his 4 ways on :nonono: after i completly had him by a good 100+ feet. that was my evening :spot:
  10. I have a funny one. My friend and I are cruising to another freinds house. I was in my stang my frien was in his 92 preliude SI w/f22b x gblah whatever they are. He knows my car will kill his but doesn't care. So he goes to pass me in a no passing zone. I wait till ge gets beside me, I punch it staying in 5th gear at like 45mph and start pulling on him. He gets back behind me. We get to my friends house and we both get out and start laughing about it. The one I raced said "damn I never realized your car was that fast" I said " I know I didn't even down shift outta 5th".
  11. at the track wednesday i was surrounded by a bunch of people in their civics and integras. anyway the lime green civic in front of me does a 1 tire burnout. then he proceeds to waaaaaaay over stage. finally he is set and after the 3rd yellow he drops it at like 5 k atleast! :nonono: . he just sits there spinning bouncing off the rev limiter:lol: . then he shifts into second spins for a sec, then the car just falls on its face and slowly rolls forward :rlaugh: . i was laughin sooo hard but didnt look at his et cause i was staging.
  12. Last night after coming home from the track the wife and I decided to rent a movie. Since she was cleaning her fish tanks I went out to get it. I'm cruising along minding my business when I pass this f-150 with dual exhaust. Well as luck would have it we end up side by side at the next light. Previously his windows were up but I started hearing this rap crap. It steadily got louder as the windows rolled all the way down. He's sitting there thumping with his rediculous music when the light turns green. Well, I start excellerating like normal when all of a sudden I hear him open his motor up. I'm like "I don't think so duche bag." I smoked first and second like no tommorow totally drowning out his stereo with my exhaust as I screamed past him. At 60 (the top of second) I let off and he refused to pull along side me. Fool even slowed down to avoid pulling up to me... What a tool.
  13. So my ricer story consists of a ricer being a total idiot trying to look cool...so here goes...

    I was driving around the Mall here in Vancouver WA and this guy in a lowered civic hatchback was trying to show off for his buddy and trying to impress a camaro that was driving next to him and myself in my 95 GT. We all took an exit to enter the area of the mall and at the light they were doing construction and the road hard a really bad dip in it that would bottom out most any car at more than 15 mph. He HAD(!!!!) a body kit on the car that needless to say got ripped off because he tried to take the dip at about 35.

    :lol: :rlaugh:

    Needless to say myself and the guy in the camaro were both laughing extremely hard.
  14. where you from in vancouver..I am from the couve too I live in the minnehaha area..don't see too many people from vancouver around here..I know just the intersection you are talking about and that sounds pretty funny..you should check out the NW forums and hit up PIR sometime this summer..I will probably spend a buncha time there this summer with my other 5.0 buddies...
  15. washington checking in.
    bellevue though :rolleyes:

    so for cinco de mayo I went to a party and I saw a bunch of people I hadn't seen in a while and they were all egging me on about my car so I revved up a few times before shuttin her off. anyways some kid before introducing himself said that he can smoke my car.

    "ok, what do you got?"
    "civic hatch with a '00 SI motor"
    "oh yeah? you got a turbo"
    "say, you wanna race for 50 bux best of 3 runs?"

    so he says he runs that motor to low 14's which is total bull**** considering the SI wont run that. anyways I tell him I ran 14.6, a few of my buddies dropped some money down on it too. :cool:

    so next week I will race him and get my money. I told him to say he beat me if he loses and vice versa, I want to continue taking these kids' money. then I'll thank them when I get my gears.

  16. I am right off of Padden and I-205 at Five Corners...back in a subdivision really close there.

    You ever go over to target and look at all the ricers when they get together there on saturdays and fridays...i usually swing through to give them all a nice scare with the sound of my exhaust...

    We should hook up sometime...I like meetin other guys with nice stangs...and checkin out the cars. let me know.
  17. I got new one :banana: and its happen tonight ,just a few hours ago

    I was at local place where car guys and gals hang out (all cars together,muscles,imports,ect)
    So my buddy wanna see how my Stangs goes because he just pics up 04 Mustang GT 5 speed and i needed soda too, so in way to the car guy in 04 Acura RSX with 18" rims and system is like, "Ernie you wanna race" i was like against who , he was against me , I was like "WTF" because he knows my Stangs moves prety good, so i was like "naw dude , its many cops out there and you are too fast for me" :rlaugh:

    So i start my car and me buddy went to first gas station which is 2 mile from this car hang out and there is big long strech about 1 mile right before this gas station ( i wanna show my buddy1st, 2nd and 3rd :D ) so right before i punched i look at mirror to see are there any cops behind me when i saw that kid in RSX right after my ass and he switch lanes so he "can" pass me when i hear that WOT v-tec **** so i was sweet two jobs at one time (show my buddy some gears and wipe that v-tec ****) 1st all way to 6300 ,2nd same thing,3rd to 4th 6300 again than my budyy was "dude where is thay guy in RSX" i look at mirror and i saw those two little headlights after me like 30+ cars :rlaugh:
    Than i slow down BUT there goes that RSX driver flyin by me ,ops quick down shift 5th to 2nd ,even quicker 3rd gear at top 3rd gear i catch up him than between shifting 3rd to 4th i rev little to let him know i'm there than hit 4th and honk a few tims to bye bye and i was gone like i wasn't never there

    I pull on station then there he comes to and he was like "dude i almost had you' i was "yeah untill i hit ges pedal" he was like "i have raced stock Mustang and beat him", i was "what kinda" he was "02 V6 5 speed" dang :bang: how this kind can be so stupid and can't see "Mustang GT" on rear bumper and "GT" on fenders :bang: :bang:
  18. :rlaugh:
  19. mine isnt very good, but it was my first rice run in. i was out to lunch at BK during school and as i was leaving i saw a bright green civic dropped, wing, stock wheels, some ghey body kit, and alas the fart can. i think nothing of it and just proceed to leave. a block away at a stop light i hear him coming up behind me. light turns green before he stops so he just continues on, while i acclerate normally. of course he was going 20 mph or so faster than me and the punk cuts in front of me and turn on his emergency blinkers. i didnt do anything because of road work ahead and a possibility of police, but right after he flashes his blinkers i guess he downshifts and the fart can goes BRAAAAPPP and a huge cloud a blue exhaust comes right at me. ricers :rolleyes: