Just for fun, RICERS stories here!

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  1. Yup and now he's going to go tell his buddies that he smoked a mustang you have got to love these idiots even when they know they lost they'll still say something like at least my car beat you off the line or something gay like that
  2. If they were not such little a s s holes I wouldnt have as much hatred for them. The combination of their complete lack of taste, their total stupidity, their horrible driving and road manners, and the infantile antics they consider racing all make me want to rip them from their bass-enveloped Fast and Furious fantasies into the real world where I will proceed to inflict serious bodily harm and soft tissue damage for my own personal and slightly psychotic satisfaction. I really despise and loathe these little freaks. But in the end I realize they are simply pathetic and not worth my time or fuel to bother with.
  3. Thats right their stupidity is what drive me nuts, like one kid a few nights ago pulled e-brake in frickin Prizm so he can get in parking lot sideways, :rlaugh:
    or like other kid tryin prove some other kid that he have two wheel peel in his civic, i come to them and tell them "mine one tire made wider marks than your all four side by side, and my 4 tires tires side by side are wider than any of yours 15 cars together" :rlaugh:
  4. :nice:
  5. today going to see my freind build his 650 horse s-10 i pull out of a plaza and there is a orange mazdaspeed protege with behind me. so im driving normally then we come to a lite right before this long ass straight away. i was tempted to crack open my bottle but figured since he looked 20 or so he would be normal :rolleyes: . so i take off normally but he is RIGHT on my tail. so i hammer it through 1st and second and leave him in the dust. then i just start cruisin in third. need less to say he flies up on my rear. so from about 50 i take off and pull quite a few cars ahead of him by the time i hit 110. then i satrt braking because there is a turn coming up and we all know how stock mustang suspensions are :notnice: . well i had it down to about 70 when he passes me in the turn over the double yellow moving quite fast still. Obviously he was :owned: and knew it, but atleast i didnt see any flashers :lol:
  6. whoa dude! :rlaugh:
  7. Dang
  8. Here is new one
    Tonight i pulled over on local meat place where people hang out in Berlin Germany :rolleyes: , 5 min after some young kidcome to me and start asking about my car,than he told me that he got his 1st Mustang 3 days ago and i went to see his car, he said its 90 GT with 125K on body and 10K on motor, motor is rebuild with stock parts except cam, he thinks he have shortie aftermarket headers but those are stock ones, still have stock H with cats, and he have some cat-back, stock 2.73s, tall a$$ tires on stock rims ,C&L intake tube and thats it all that for $3800 so i was like , good car and i walk away,
    One hour later i went home , and on way home that guy catch up with me ,roll window down and ask me for one from a roll, sure why not take chance to beat one Fox body, then i told him i will honk 3 times and race will start untill somebody hit brakes, so i hon 3 tims , guy nothing, i honk 3 times again and again stiill nothing, so i rolled window down and ask him whats up with you , he was i change mind

    I tell him what i done to my Stang, than why the hell he ask me for race
  9. :eek:
  10. That is funny as hell^^^^^^^ :hail2: :hail2: :hail2:
  11. :( Link doesn't work...
  12. fixt, I think
  13. riccccccccccccce

    Or on Bosnian Rice " Ri┼ża "
  14. OMG that is crazy i have a black civic that body style as my daily crapper and believe me that is the worst thing i have ever seen and i have tuned several hondas via laptop.
  15. 88 ranger vs. ricer celica

    so im on my way to work on the interstate when a kid i know pulls next to me in his celica with "jdm engine" and probably 1000 dollars worth of perfomance crap i put it in forth and get on it a little he shakes his head and drops it into third like he is going to leave me he pulls a car length ahead then i'm like hell no i put it to the floor and drove past him waving and laughing i let off and he gives me the ricer flyby and the finger so sad
  16. :lol: what the **** is with the flyby anyways? ****ing retards. :nonono: what do they expect to prove? they just got smoked. :scratch: I can't figure it out.

    ricers offend my sensibilities.
  17. 2 weeks ago i was on my way home from work and there were a couple people hangin out side wendys. the cars consisted of 3 civic hatches, an integra, and my freinds daytona. so im talkin to my freind and this kid (hes older than me) with a red hatch is like yo ill race you for 300 dollars. i say well i have $3 on me, is that good? :rlaugh: . hes says nah when im beating you if i brek somethin spinning my motor at 9k im outta luck so i need the money. I'm like ok do i get to spray, so hes like " o should i spray?" basically i said i dont care ill beat you anyway even w/o spray (later that nite i found out he didnt even have his nitrous installed yet :rolleyes: but the car is supposed to be decently quick). so hes like what ur car run. i was honest and said in 37 degree weather i trapped at 108, had a s***ty sixty foot and a 14.9 et. then they were like "108......dam. whats done to this?" so i was honest again and told them. i said still wanna race? and he said when i get my thing tuned after this weekend we will go.

    so last nite (thursday) i see the kid outside of applebees wit some other rice boys. since i went to the track the nite before im like hey, i went 13.0 @ 110. hes like "o yea, lemme see the timeslips. im like uhhh i dont have em on me but i have the camcorder with me with the runs on it. he says "nope gotta see the slip." WHATEVER :rolleyes: .

    So tonite im rollin around with my slips and i happen to come across the kid again. so i gave them to him and walked away. i come back and they ask me 2 things.

    1-what happend on this 19 sec run? did you miss a shift?
    i was like uh that wasnt me. see these numbers at the top, that was the guy in the other lane. i went 13.2

    2-howd you get 2.1 sixty foot on those tires? i get like 2.6 .

    my reaction to both questions------> :fuss: :bang:

    a lil while later one of my freinds comes over and says "oh he doesnt want to race you anymore after seeing those slips"

    all hail N2O and the V8 :worship:
  18. so the hatch kid isnt going to race me :(
    it's cool though, I have other races lined up. gonna try to get a kid in his SRT to give me 50 bux :cool: