Just for fun, RICERS stories here!

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  1. this was a few nights ago, but never really a race. i was in the car with my friend, waiting outside the house of another friends house. the area is extremely suburban with very short streets. out of no where comes this del sol, dropped as faaar as it can go, with the stock hubcaps painted black to match the car. well were sitting at the corner, and he comes to a stop at the stop sign, puts his blinker on and is halfway through his turn, comes to a COMPLETE stop, sits there for maybe 30 sec, then i see the reverse lights come on. he flys backwards to my window and goes wanna run. i say well 2 things here, first off were in the most suburban neighborhood with the smallest streets. Second, id get to the other end of the street before you're halfway through first. he gets real mad and is just about to get out of his car, but then my friend who were waiting for comes out (pretty well built) the mexican in the sol looks up, gets back in his car and drives away. then later that night i pulled up next to an explorer with the bed. He goes crazy off the line and i dont even bother. he takes a left at the next stop sign, and i follow because im going home. all of a sudden he starts swerving like mad, and stops in the middle of a busy 2 lane road. This pipsquek of a guy jumps out and walks up to my window and just starts yelling at me. stop following me you prick! ill call the cops! and bull****.... damn ppl.
  2. Out tuning the **** one night... so doing some WOT rips and pass this riced out hatchback civic with 3 people in the car. As i am letting off i look in the mirror and the lights are coming up pretty quick. As of now i am cruising in 4th at about 2000, kid flys by wide-open fart can assualting my ears, with a girl yelling something out the window. Turned to my buddy in car and made a comment to the effect of "hell no". Droped her down into 3rd caught up in a coupla seconds, he was still wide open as i passed the pos, just looked over at the girl (she was actually pretty cute) and smiled :D Needless to say he turned off on the next street. My buddy in the car called it the ultimate "anti-flyby".
  3. :lol: word, around my car exists a bubble which is a no-flyby zone. takers will end up cryin.
  4. RedBlur, you use to hang out in the highlands, you know how it is :rolleyes:

    Where I live we have what we call the "ricer house" down the street. These guys (Hondas) always slow down and rev everytime they drive by, or stop and peel out, it's funny as hell.
  5. nice, you should go to their house at about 2 in the morn, and do a standing burnout, maybe rev like an ass everytime you pass them and mug at them. see how they like it lol.

    hey homes, where are you from? I'm gonna be in kent on friday night if you wanna roll by, redrum and turbopgt will be there too.

    :scratch: oh wait, you have the blue stang right?
  6. Thats me... let me know where you might be friday, would be cool to meet up.
  7. my bro live's in kent he has a 78 camaro it's 85% restored has built 350 give him a run if you see it. it's blue cant miss it!

  8. :scratch: whoa dude! you live in NeverMind? I always thought that was an expr.. oh no wait, New Mexico. :nonono: nm. lol
  9. Last night I was driving over to blockbuster to grab a movie for my GF and I. I was just cruising along, and I see in my rearview the blue headlights on a little black car bouncing up and down over every little bump. He drives up and passes me. It's a mitsu eclipse with a massive body kit and Toyota supra tail lights jammed into the back. We get to a red light, and I start to drive normal, as does he. He gave it a bit more throttle just enough to pass me. So I figured I would give it some more just to see If he would take off, but there was no way in hell I was gonna risk a ticket or an accident on this POS Franken-Rice.
    I gave it no more than 1/2 throttle, which is not much at all, especially with my car which is not fast. I started to pass him and he jumped on it. I thought it was going to blow up. It sounded like he had a cresent wrench stuck in his exhuast somewhere. His motor wheezed hard as he floored it, and he barely passed me, and I didn't increse throttle at all. When it was all said and done, I was only about 10 mph over the speed limit.
  10. ohh this is a good one. Im on a date and we are leaving sonic. At the same time so is a firebird, a lancer, and a 3000gt. The lancer and the 3000gt have ugly sticker kits on them. Well we all get to the first light together. We leave the light and they are both reving up beside me (6 lane road) so one on each side. Well the lancer guns it as well as I. 2nd gear so I pull him easily when I get to 50 I let off. 2.5 cars ahead. Well the 3000 does the same so I slow to 30 and romp him up to 50 as well. So he gets mad does his lil fly by and hahaha as im shifting into 5th still going the speed limit here comes the cops. Flying by me to catch the 3000gt the other two cars split. The 3000 must have been doing well over 70 by the time the cop got to him. So im sure this fool got a number of tickets. So thats when I turn to the girl im with and say killing off the ricer community one by one I love it. She turns to me and says huh? what does that mean? Just the words I wanna hear to make me sound like an idot.
  11. Taking your date to Sonic :nice:

    Feel free to super-size baby...
  12. LMAO :rlaugh: :lol: :rlaugh: :lol:

    He got you good there Chris. :lol:
  13. I lost you on that one :shrug:
  14. We had already went out to eat. We just stopped there for ice cream. BTW I did get them to Sonicsize my slushy. LOL
  15. Ooh!!! Big spender!! :stick: :D
  16. Well yea a big spender when it comes to the fact we go out every night in my car that drinks gas like crazy. Ugh dang i need to start saving money to fix my honda. I miss that 40mpg.
  17. I find myself wishing more and more I had kept my old corolla as a DD. The WORST gas mileage I ever got with that thing was 28, and that was pedal to the metal the whole time. I'd see 35+ on the highway.

    Back on topic though, I just had a red Mini Cooper try and race me. I was turning left out of Taco Bell onto a 4 lane (2 each way, +1 turn lane) road, into the left lane. Well I was getting on it to avoid getting rear-ended, and as I hit 2nd, I got a little sideways, and the mini cooper next to me I guess wanted to show off, and so he hit it. Well I had let off to avoid spinning out, but I rolled back into it about half throttle, put about 3 car lengths on him and shut it down about 50, lol. That must have been embarassing for him!
  18. lowered civic with black rims and tint

    A guy around my block owns a plumbing business and every morning before school i would always see a silver lowered civc hatchback with black rims and funny exhaust. i own an 86 gt hatch completely stock 5spd. i always wanted to catch him but we'd always be goin different ways so i'd just fly by him really close trying to tick him off. one day i saw him leave as i was coming in in my truck. i jumped in my car chased him down the highway. we both hit it and i pulled away and passed him at about 95 mph dodging the back of a semi and just kept pulling. it made me laugh so hard but i felt sorry for him and his car.
    that's my one interesting story. that and raping my friend 80 corvette. i left him so far behind i almost had to stop and see where he went. but now he's getting a 320 hp 350..... oh well supercharger for me :) then we'll see how it goes. -b
  19. a 86 stock mustang owning a recent "modded" civic... PRICELESS