Just for fun, RICERS stories here!

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  1. I have a good one since this has been resurrected.

    I was at my grandparents for a cook out and these 2 punks in a civic drove past like 5 times and revved their fart can at me. By the 4th time my uncles and aunts are ****ing about him, So I said "I'll take care of this". So next time he comes bye my brother and I are ready so he almost stops in front of the house and revs so I asked did he wanna race. He said there is nothing in that driveway worth racing. Little did he now my dad lives across the street (where my car was sitting) So he takes off I get in my car and start the chase Caught hime like a mile up the road and he pulled over. He was like "oh I don't wanna race" I said you got no chance he said yup. So i pulled out with a big smokey burnout. He thought he could get me since i was spinning so once he gets be side me I feathered it and got it to hook as soon as it did I hit it and oulled3 cars on him. I stuck my head out the window at the stop sign waved laughed and left.

    My whole family laughed about it for a half hour when we got back. The best part was my uncle is a cop. He said more of that needs to take place cuz those ricers are out of control.
  2. I love cops like that! At least the rice boy admitted he had no chance.
  3. tonight: geo metro with flames, led tip, led wiper squirters, some kind of xmas tree lighting inside, and a "vtek" sticker revved at me
  4. Driving Out of my work at about 630pm coming down a strip of lights at every block. I pull up to a light and there is a RSX (not type s) With two chicks in it. My friend and I were talking so i didnt notice at first, til a 240sx with a fart can and rims rolled up on the other side of the RSX. Light turns green and i see the 240sx try and race the girls in the RSX and they paced each other. So at the next light i pulled up to the girls in the RSX and light turns green and I pop it and stomp and both of them through second til about 50 and about a car and a half and then let off. The rsx and the 240 catch up and pass me flying by into a lane drop. the 240 passes ahead of them into the lane drop and gets in front of them, they were doing about 80ish. well the fools in the 240 were to busy looking back and the chicks in the rsx to see that there was a red light with a car sitting at it, realized slammed on the breaks and hit the camry at the light and then the chicks in the rsx hit the 240 from behind. I nearly **** myself as i rolled by. greatest thing ever.
  5. :owned:
  6. I raced two little old grandma's a while back... I was cruising, minding my own business. I got stuck behind an suv and had to get around I gave it a judicious amount of gas and got around them. As I was slowing down this 80's white oldsmobile goes flyin by me and cuts in front of my lane.. I was like wtf? There was a red light just ahead and an open lane on their left, so I took it. As I pulled up next to them it's two little old ladies giggling and laughing it up. I couldn't believe it... Well, I had to take advantage of a situation like that, so I smiled, and pointed down the road yelling "LET'S GO!!" Light turns green and I owned them by about 20 cars... At 80 or so I shut it down and let them catch up. They were still giggling and waved as they passed. It made my day... little old ladies rule...

  7. O MY GAAWD!!!!

    dam you shoulda got their numbers :banana:
    ( i dont mean social security numbers)
  8. yah, pretty cool huh? nobody believes it, but it's true... 2 little old ladies...
  9. Saturday nite me and some freinds were crusin to a hang out in a line of four cars. A new (2000 and up) red civic with a LOUD exhaust merges onto the highway next to me. After he flies around the cars in front of him i see him comin up on me real hard in the other lane, so i down it to 3rd and dont let him pass. After i proved my point i slow down to my previous 70 and he comes up next to me. My freinds in their cars dropped back. This kid is then reving and gettin the car to hop. I see some guages and since the car was loud i figured it had somethin done to it. Then i look at the driver who looks like Egor with a backwards hat. He keeps lookin back at me and smiling. So at this point i was officially creeped out. I also figured he was spraying his car(i did not even have my bottle).

    So i motion for him to slow and he jus keeps lookin back and smiling :lol: . Finally i got us down to 50 or so and im chillaxin in 2nd gear right in my powerband. I start to do the 3 beeps but he just goes. Needless to say i kinda owned him. At the same time my freind raced a nightrider T/A in his Grand am GT and beat it :rlaugh:. So we get to the end of the stretch of highway and to a light and the passenger of the civic leans out and says "Yo, that s**t's got balls son."

  10. lol even if teh civic have gauges and loud exhaust, doesnt mean its fast... and the "yo that chit got balls son" is hilarious :rlaugh:
  11. You are now his son.
  12. im out cattin around in the stang a week or so back, i was in my car but i wasnt driving cuz i had been drinkin, so me and my buddy are just drivin around watin on some people to show up and this civic pulls up next to us, bumps it outta gear revs it and pulls it back to drive and looks over at me in the passenger seat and pats the side of his door and goes"1.6 vtech means you lose ******". so at this point im rollin in my seat and go "Are you freakin serious?" and he goes"yea you arnt gonna win i havnt lost to a mustang yet" so i start laugh in his face and tell him to pull over, we stop in a parkin lot and i reach in his window and pop his hood with his still sittin in the car, look at his nice and stock motor(not even a fart can) and his nice sticker things on the side and tell him that he needs to go lay down, and he starts rambling about the vtech makes it more powerful than a 5.0, i got back in the car and told my buddy to leave this isnt worth the gas, as we are going back down the raod this guy goes flying by us doing prably 70ish in a 35 than sees the cop sitting on a side raod, talk about funny stuff, ive never been so entertained, we pulled in the parking lot beside them to watch him get a ticket it was great
  13. :owned: lol
  14. you got 5]\/[0k3d though
  15. This thread shall never die.
  16. I haven't had any funny ricer stories lately. Except for the LT1 camaro guy that swore he had a 6.7 in his car. :shrug:
  17. I saw a triple stack spoiler ona civic. and the spoiler was on backwars, meaning that it'd create lift instead of dwonforce
  18. well lets see, my last import race??

    I was driving my 1991 nissan sentra and a 1999-2003 GT pulled up next to me, he obviously had an exhaust and h-pipe. He looks at me and laughs, so I rev my moter, and he revs back. We take off, he never got ahead of me, and I ended up pulling him soooooo hard. I was like 7 cars ahead. Oh well.

    I was also driving the stang one night (with my old setup) and a supra tt pulled next to me, and started to do the bov dance. Well I joined in and he just sorta sat back. I guess my 6.3 liters of supercharged power intimidated his 3 liters of turbbo power. It was soo great b/c like 20 feet away was a large group of people going to a club.