Just for fun, RICERS stories here!

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  1. My favorite ricer story of them all is from a few days ago when this guy in a Civic was revving at my brother in his (completely stock) 240sx for no apparent reason. He revved for a couple seconds and his foot slipped off the clutch and he rearended the guy in front of him. Easily one of the funniest things I've ever seen in my life, I only wish I had a camcorder at the time. I Talk about a Kodak moment.

  2. omg do u have any pics or something its such a priceless pic hahah
  3. I only wish! I usually keep my camera in my car. :bang:

  4. damn good idea ill keep my digi cam in my car from now :)
  5. camaro guy you souped up a camry

    omfg! go head 'den

  6. last week i had a new v6 accord rev at me and i had my gf and her best friend on the car, and they were like what is he doing, and i told them he wanted to race. so they got all gitty and were like race him! race him! so i throw a low rev back at him and then one about 4k so he knew i was serious. so the light turns green and damn my car was so slow with and extra person in teh back, but i still barked 2nd and even managed to beat him by like car lengths in no time. so at the next light he revs again and i start to laugh and have the girl in the back wave at him so he could see i was fully loaded... he then proceded to shut up.

  7. hahha that's what I call :owned:

  8. up
  9. I got a good ricer story. Yesterday my gf and I were cruzing on the highway in her dodge 2500 turbo desile and this electric blue hond civic wit a maco paint job big wing, and ugly as sin front bumper gets beind me and then goes to pass so it gets up to about the door of her truck and I floor it. I can here the fart pipe on the civc and it slowly starts to pull ahead of me. then the next time I go to pass and she (the hooker looking girl driving the civic) floors it but this the civic didn't have the jump on me and it just keep falling back and I just laugh my ass off. My girl friend truck ran a 20 at te track with a 300lb camper shell and 33" M/T's now the camper shell is off....the only reason the truck beat that thing (I hope the only reason) is because were at 5100ft and turbo's don't lose any power at least not that I can tell and that little civic must ave lost some.
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  10. wow that just sucks that like when i saw an integra loose to a honda odessy van

  11. hahaha Odessy van
  12. I've got a buddy with an Odyssey -- when I had my '97 GT (bone stock), I found out to my surprise that on the freeway, he was damn near as fast as me. Shortly after that I decided a Cobra would be better for me... :D

  13. Damn, I didnt know you had a 50 shot Robin. When the hell did you get this, and how much?
  14. Oh and about those old VW's...theres a completly stripped, rusted out 80's GTI with V8 Eater Spray painted on the back. I dont know the guyz motor setup but he runs 11's.

  15. That's cool, but anyone can make a piece of $hit go fast, but in the end all you have is a Fast piece of $hit.
  16. You can't polish a turd, as they say.

  17. True True. :lol:
  18. yea i souped up a CAMmedRY. Go-stang... i just put a dry kit on there. My buddy had extra lines/solenoids/etc. from his old kit. Whenever i want to use it I just nab the bottle from the bed of his truck and make sure to fill it up at the speedshop right by us the next day or something.
  19. I had a few funny ones. I was in traffice and pulled to a light next to this guy in a like 2000 mustang sixer auto fart tips bentup. He was blasting some gay as music and reving. When the light turned I blew by him and afterwards he was like :jaw: what do you have done to your car. I told him stock then he didnt understand how he lost I explaind to him how i have 8 cylinders and he only had six, his reply. But i got mufflers dawg :bang: :bang: :rlaugh: :rlaugh: I mean seriously how dumb can you be. The next one I pulled up to a light with one of my friends in the car, a 4 accord v-6, not the new one, pulls up slammed chrome rims led washer lights fart pipe. Well i have the top down and i wasnt playing my music loud, but he cranks up his mad TytE system and is blasting some rap crap. I bust out with the Sweet home alabama. Mach 460 was louder :owned: then he revs and i didnt really want to race but my friend said she didnt mind so when the light turns green i gave 1/2 throttle and put like 2 cars on him easy then i just stopped (i hadnt even reached the speed limit of 45) he then trys a ricer flyby, when he gets to my back tire i give a little gas and his ricer flyby failed :rlaugh:
  20. whats your tricks to get these ricers to race you? I try but they never seem to want to race me :( and i'm hardly ever by one at a stop light. I'm supprised because theres a lot of thoes little things buzzing around here.

    but i did race my friends eclipse GS-T :D we started from a 30mph roll, i still had it in 1st because it would have been around 1000rpms in 2nd and I hear his engine rev up, so i floor it with 2 other people in my car, and pull on him like 3 car lengths then stopped. When we got back to the parking lot he said i didnt wait for him to honk his horn :rolleyes: eventhough I heard him floor it to get his turbo spooled up.