Just for fun, RICERS stories here!

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  2. lol how did you count 8 car lengths. By then, it's just bus lengths.
  3. I guess next time Ill count it in bus lengths just to rub it in.

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  5. Last summer, my buddy raced a mazda suv in his torino 351 cleveland. It had so little bottom end that the mazda pulled on him. THEN, when they got up to speed, he started pull, and the mazda suvy sprayed and took off again.

    He now has the thing fuel injected and an average of 450 horse... rear wheel.

    Only thing is, he's gotta fight me now.... turbostang
  6. ok i know this thread is dead but here it is. about two weeks ago i was at the gas station and i seen one of my buddys from high school and he ask me if i wanted to race and i sad yeah then he said how much i said idk how about 100 he said ok he had two other ppl in the car with him and they started talking s**t about how im going to lose and all kinds of s**t like that so one of the guys get out and into a suv with some other guys and they follow us to a remote road oh and by the way he has a 94 acura integra vtec and i have a 90 mustang with an efi to carb set up and stripped out. so anyway we race and i beat him by about 8 cars the first time and 6 cars on the second time after that i didnt here them say anything and i went back to the gas station and filled my tank up.
  7. A few years back, I was driving I-70 (A winding road through the mountains.) from Dillon Co to Denver. At the time I was driving my '92 GT auto (Sold). My GT was basically stock and had well over 100k mi. Anyway a guy pulled up beside me in a civic and tried to pull on me. I let him have it, I pulled away, but the guy obviously didnt realize how outdone he was. He continued to try to beat me. Well we started climbing a large hill and we both went for it. I pulled away from him (Again) and started to slow back down, as he passed me he was still on it. Suddenly I saw a cloud of smoke coming from his car and fluid leaking from underneath, he pulled over and I kept going. That was probably the most enjoyable race I've been in, I couldn't stop laughing for the next 20 mi.:rlaugh: I guess he learned a valuable lesson on wich cars he should try to race. I still smile everytime I think of it.:D
  8. WOW 16 pages.............Just had to say coming home from a wedding last Saturday some ricer pulled up next to me when I was driving S351#58 at a Long stoplight..........:D.....what a Joke!!! All he could could see of me was the T-1 wing ,Tail lights and my lic plate that says SALEEEN!!:rolleyes:
  9. Not a ricer but I thought I'd bring this up since it's a pretty new car. The new Camaro! It looked more like a challenger than anything, but anyways, I pulled up next to him high in 3rd and he gunned it. We were pretty dead on until 4th, he'd drop off a bit, then a lot so I figure he let off when he saw me pull. It was a pretty nice car, did the thumbs up thing. :cool:
  10. We were in Carlisle with the Merkur XR4ti contingent. We were all in XR4's. My buddy had a MONSTER XR with a built 2.3. (T3/T4 hybrid, big IC, ported intake, header, etc. Prolly 400+rwhp) We were heading back to the hotel before dinner, about 15 of us single file in the right lane doing about 70mph. This ricer (turboed Civic) went around the pack and popped his BOV right by my buddy's open window. (He was 2nd from the front, in the line.) As his rear bumper cleared the front of Mike's car, he went to the left lane right behind the Civic...about 6 inches off his bumper. They went to about 110mph and the Civic pulled about a car length on the Merk, after a small puff of black smoke (juice?). They went about a mile or so, that way and the Civic started to fall back and BLUE smoke started pouring out of it. Mike didn't know this because he STILL had the Civic as a hood ornament (at about 130mph). The kid in the Civic slowed and pulled off the next exit ramp. It just happened to be the one we were getting off. He was sitting at the light, smoke rolling from under the hood, as we all drove around him to get to the hotel. Every one of us gave a little "nice day for a drive" kind of toot, as we went around.

    We had a LOT of fun in those cars. On the way to Carlisle on that same trip, a guy in a Corvette (C5) was messing with one of our stragglers. They eventually caught up to us and we were all informed via radio that the Tool in the Vette was screwing with him...wanting to race. There were over 40 of us in that line. (One guy started the caravan in Colorado and we all just met up with him as he went across I70) There was more than one "bada$$" XR in the procession. We "had our way" with that guy. I'll bet he pee'd himself when he saw that many of the same car going the same way, at the same time.

    Good times.
  11. I've been reading these stories and they mostly consist of 4 bangers getting beat by Mustangs. I figured I'd share this story as a change of pace.
    Now I have a 2004 Mustang GT and a 95 Eclipse GS-T. They both have a decent amount of modifications and I have always been curious about which is faster so one day I had my brother, who always talks s*** about my DSM, race me: him in my Mustang and me in my Eclipse. We live out in the sticks so there is plenty of open road and we ran a few times and my Eclipse dominated every time. The Mustang always pulled in the beginning but as soon as my turbo spooled I was gone.
  12. Fair enough. But that's an apples to oranges comparison - turbo beats naturally aspirated. The funny part about these stories are the guys in the 4-bangers that think their car is such hot ***** and can beat "anything" out there. the come across one of us and get shamed into their place.

    A car that has more horsepower deserves the win.
  13. It's funny. Since I got the stang, none of these kids in the civics, evo's, or wrx/sti's try to race me. I don't race on public street's and it's funny to see them try to race people on the main roads in town.
  14. Glad this thread was brought back to life. A kid in a prelude pulled up to a parking lot where a lotta guys hang out and said "who wants to race" he said he had headers and cam gears and was pushin about 300hp.that's funny enough on its own but this kid raced a buddy of mine's 05 ram 2500 diesel STOCK and got beat by 12 BUS lengths. He then had the guts to come back to the parking lot and was just amazed that he got beat.
  15. Wow I never even noticed this thread before! I would have to say that the funniest story that I have involves a doctor and a porsche. I work for a janitorial cleaning company as a window cleaner and general maint. man.

    I was cleaning windows inside a doctors office when he had commented on my hat (Mustang hat of course) and began his ricer talk. He told me that his favorite course was ford. I of course asked him what he had. He then showed me a pic of his "prized" posession (sp?). It was a mid to late 90's porsche. No idea of the model but it looked kinda like a 911. Anyway, he told me that he was off at 6:00 and would look for me.

    Long story made really short,

    94 5.0 GT = $3,500
    Porsche = $60,000
    spanking a doctor by 3 lengths = priceless!!
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  17. it's funny...living in S.D, being a former rice, i belonged to Honda-tech and was rated the fasted N/A crx south of the 8 freeway.
    Enough bout that if you ever wanna see the funniest looking honds i'm talking with 3 feet of plastic off the back of the hood, an actual Coffee can attached to the .5" muffler come to San Diego!
    I have a penchant for stock looking cars, or if not stock make it look ****ty, theft deterent(dents, dings, broken windsheild etc)the win is so much better. Anyway running a riduclous 13:1 comp ratio in a honda is deff fun but i think my best rice story was me being the rice...
    Bascially being an idiot against a mach1 we hit the on ramp, spur of the moment i punched it got up to 11k, she lurched, i shifted, he was right next to me he shifted and all your heard was CRUNCH!!!! he fell behind i look in the rearview his whole rear end goes up in the air maybe a ft. This guy busted the tranny bolts and sent his tranny straight to the ground. Point being i felt sooo damn bad i pulled over and all he had to say was, "**** my dad is gonna kill me"
    Latest Domestic kill was coming down 163 through Downtown SD and i broke off a 94 dx with nothing more then a d-series Turbo. i was even wearing my "I love EF" shirt. "all i could do was show him what once was rice is now sitting 5.0 nice"
    Bench rancing is stupid, racing on the highway is stupider" been guilty, no more for me. In CA it's mandatory 6 months in an orange jumpsuit if you get caught racing.