Just for fun, RICERS stories here!

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  1. I dont know i have friends who are like rice magnets all the time ricers want to go. For me if im looking for a ricer cause im bored, i rarely catch lights, but what i do is i go to an area i know where there is an abundance of them and i drive up and down like 2 or 3 times and i usually find one, sometimes it seems to help if you kind of drive like one not dangerously or anything, but blow by them slow down switch lanes a few times and other things. But keep that safe, i dont do that, i have heard people doing that to get ricers to go.
  2. I don't have to do anything around here anymore, all these cars are really thinking their bad ass now We have just gotten a tuner shop that only deals in import performance. so I guess just cause someone got a tune-up there they think that it gave them like a few extra cylinders or something.

    Also, my friend with the evolution, had his exhaust installed a tone of suspension work done, cold air intake, and lighter wheels, dont get me wrong this is about the only import i like right now and i still pulled him about two car lengths.

    Sometimes the guys in the imports can't even here me for the flows-dumped, and the cam loping and still want to try me

    another guy around here has a non turbo eclipse with a 50 shot and tells me "i bet you wont run me" i was like WTF but anyway i said your right i won't i will save you the embarrasment. he got pissed off. I seen him a couple days later at a red light and he wants to go so i just sit there and said go if ya want, he goes, and i let him go then i see the smoke from his exhaust and smell the gas (nos) so i stomp it. I was doing 20 in first at about 2800 when i stomped it i reeled him in and then pulled to where our doors were both even and just quit just to prove my point.

    funny huh

    But then he told everyone he beat me, bastawd, But everyone jsut called him a liar. and he said didn't we race and i was like i dont know :shrug: what you are talking about he looked so stupid.


  3. What mods do you have?

  4. LOL haha omg
  5. i know i say this a lot, but i don't even want to race them anymore. i just want to phsically beat them until their teeth are embedded into my knuckles. if you wanna drive a piece of **** that's ok, just don't pull up next to me and rev your 4 banger and look at me like you'll smoke my ass.
    boy do i feel better now.

    Lol, I would love to see the look on your face if you ever tried to race me! hahahaahahaa
  6. Nice car DOHC...But do you have a big wing, big sterio, or clear tails (or any other gross stuff....? Somehow you sound like a guy who keeps a bone stock apperance. If so then this post is probably not aimed at you. Just curious how much money have you put into your car? Oh and where you at? If your in the midwest I'd race you in a week or 2.
  7. Big Wing

    No big wing here, actually I have the stock stereo and stock suspension. My car is bone stock on the outside, the only "rice" I have on my car are the Probe GT 5 Star 16" rims but I got them for really cheap and they are one inch wider than the stock talon wheels allowing me to run 225's on all four which is plenty of tire for a AWD machine like mine.

    Got to keep the weight to a minimum you know? But wait, if I got one ofr those aluminum shopping cart spoilers, a Electric Supercharger and a fire kit for my exhaust I could run 10's all day long, well until I blow ther welds on my intake from all that naaawwwwsss. LOL!

    Dont act like you have never seen some riced out Mustangs now, you and I know both that it looks even worse on a stang.I live in Detroit and sadly, we have our fair share..I dont get it though....kind of like Taking a Corvette and putting on some 14" wheels on bad taste.....Ricers are everywhere..domestic, japanese, german..it's all up to the owner on what he wants to do.

    There are plenty of nice/clean looking Imports out there and the same goes for Domestics. As long as the owner has good taste.

    Also, to answer your question. I have roughly $5000 invested into my car (INCLUDING CAR) :) I also work on my car myself mostly.

  8. Dang, talk about a sleeper!

    For those bashing old VWs.. I dare you to post that at Shoptalkforums, Aircooled VWs. There are LOTS of old style street VW Beetles out there that run 12s all day long, and are still pretty comfortable, quiet(other than exhuast) and cruise nice. So try learning about stuff before bashing it...

    Still, those are some funny stories. BTW, just to make sure I dont get misunderstood. Im not being a troll. I just happen to love both American muscle cars and old style VWs both(currently own a 72 Beetle, and 63 Beetle, saving for a 95 Mustang GT).
  9. Basically, dont underestimate any car. ANy car can be made fast, especially if they are small and light. Then it does not take much HP to get them moving.

    What about the Dodge Omni Shelby z? hahah thats a sleeper!
  10. Wow DOHC thats pretty cheap. I cant say my car is that cheap :( With the new motor my car is gonna be a total investment of like 15k :( :nonono: including the car. And I expect to run mid to low 12's with good traction (for now). Nitrous or blower up next year. Oh and my car looks stock except for the 98 cobra wheels which came with the car when I bought it (not gonna spend money on other wheels unless there wider and I get some sort of amazing deal) and the 1 and 1/4 inch drop which is part of my suspension setup (already spent 2500 there, and plan on spending another 3000 and redoing a lot of it) oh and completly stock stereo here too (I'm even to lazy to fix the vibration in one of the speakers). Anyways I love the simple stock look. I always think instead of spending 500 on a fancy hood I could spent that on nitrous or drag radials or 4pt harnesses or save up for a torque arm and panhard bar, etc. the list goes on for ever. I dont think Ill ever get around to any body work on my car. THeres always something else to do first. ANd I dont mind that at all. Now if only I could setup a quiet exhaust that would hide my lopey idle. I'd have a nice BONE STOCK :D mustang.
  11. Yea, quiet exhaust on a Mustang. Depends on what kind of exhaust you have. If you have true duals I would sugges putting in some CATCO High flow cats..they flow great I hardly lost any power with my 3" catco on my last car. I would also suggest some Dynomax Straight through Bullet Mufflers as resonators before your muffler...they wont take any power either but make the car MUCH quiter...I used the dynomax Ultraflow 3" round muffler it is like 17" long and worked great..gave it a nice deep tone. They have them in all sortsof sizes...check www.summitracing.com and do a search for dynomax...I love dynomax mufflers..they rule
  12. I don't waste my fuel on ricers anymore. See them at the drags and only the fastest two or three would have a chance with my slow GT vert.

    I do loose to my brother's '93 Honda, he runs high 13s N/A. ouch.

  13. Loosing to Honda isnt very cool
  14. DOHC, Ive got a Bassani X with high flow cats and a MAc 2.5 inch catback. Does DynoMax make the bullits in a 2.5 in cuz then I may give it a shot. However with the new motor I did switch cams so that might make a bit of a difference too. Once the car is running I'll see if I'm pleased with the sound or if I want to sound stock. I was also considering just switching to a Magna Flow catback as there stuff is stainless steel and they use straight through mufflers too., also I hear there stuff is pretty quiet.
  15. Man I have like 50s in my EX 92 Ford Probe 3.0 , and 20s in my Stang stories about racing RICERS , so that gonna be hard for me to writen

  16. lol, the best one, funniest whatever heh
  17. I can appreciate a sleeper import or otherwise commonly riced out car. The way I see it, the guys who take a car and make it a crazy sleeper have basicly the same attitude as we (Mustang fans) do. They want to show up the cars that are widely known to be much faster. Like me, I want eventually show up some hot-headed spoiled kid with his Z06 and another jackass with a new Camaro who thinks it's almost litterally the fastest car ever made :shrug:

    The import sleepers like to go for Mustangs and such. I can appreciate that, just makes me feel better to actually own one of the most sought after car to race and brag about for some reason :nice: I goto some car clubs or gatherings and everyone seems to talk about how he beat this Mustang or his friend once smoked a 5.0, I get an honest kick out of it. The guys with the sleeper imports tend to strike me as more intellegent and goal oriented than the other bunch they tend to be associated with. I got my ass handed to me by this one guy in a skeeper Eclipse awhile back and I couldn't help but ask him to show me his setup, and in talking to him, I was impressed at how well he knew his stuff.

    That's a far cry from the majority though. There is one dude in town with a Civic running 14lbs of boost. I doubt he could have pointed out a fuel injector if his life depended on it but he tried to sound like he knew what he was talking about and ended up stumbling over his own words alot. He ran consistent 17's and continued to think his car and driving was the ****nit. :shrug:

    EDIT: I just realized my post has nothing to do with anything! Oh well :flag:
  18. Let see, ricers stories....well comin home from work I was on I-20 in Elgin when I saw an 80's mazda 323. It has purple tinting, mazda banner and fartcan. Well, the road was about to merge, and this guy is on my rear quarter for 2 miles. I hear his fartpipe get louder, but he really isn't accellerating much. So I hit the gas in 5th gear, and procede to pull ahead, beating them by a good 3 car lengths. Not like my car is a rocket in 5th, but it has decent pull. I was laughing my ass off.

    OT but hey Go-stang, your rob's friend right. I go to school with him at good ole Kettering. He showed me some vid's of your car. That thing is a beast. He had no sound, but he said it sounds awesome, and I believe. If you want quieter, you could go with 3 chamber flows like I got. They are plenty quiet when cruising, but when you get on it its loud as hell. If you ever see a green gt mustang with a cobra r hood and no Badging, and a fairly quiet exhaust, thats me.
  19. Don't come smack talking with 4 posts, try getting some respect first. BTW lets see some pics of your car and how much was the car itself.