Just for fun, RICERS stories here!

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  1. I really enjoy racing Turbocharged Imports :nice: Specially when they come up to you and say the darnest things like: " My 4 cylinder Turbo running 20 PSI can take your mustang any day of the week" then after we line them up and I leave them sitting there wondering why there car seemed so slow next to mine, they are like what do you have in there, and I tell them that I have "302 cubic inches equiped with a TURBO" :owned:

    No replacement for displacement except DISPLACEMENT AND BOOST!!!


  2. lol a 95 svt cobra turbocharged can beat like anything heh
  4. This guy my brother worked with just bought a new Lancer Evo and actually believed the car salesman when he said he could beat a cobra and and corvette save the Z06.....now I know these cars are fast and would whoop me....but a cobra or vette? get real thats just downright disrespectful....neways my brother raced him 3 times (he has a 2000 GT with just o-r xpipe and flows) and beat him....3 times...
    then they went to the taco bell and everyone saw both cars and they were like (to my brotheruy) "you should race him....i bet you'd get whooped" He then said "we already raced"
    "Well, who won" asked the ricer
    "ask him" says my brother
    The guy just shook his head, he spent 30,000 on a "sports" car that cant beat a mustang gt
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  5. Few nights ago one punk in his 96+ Cavalier Z24 with unfinished body kitfly by me , I down shift from 4th in 2nd , and few secnon leter his is lookin my tail lights , on next red light he ask me what I have , I tell him I have 4 cylinders on one side and 4 cylinders on other side , he said on that cool man :rlaugh:
  6. You know DOHC , your car run on 16psi and 20psi WITH SAME HORSE POWER :p AND there is no chance you runn [email protected] , maybe around mid 13s , and thats it, punk a$$
  7. I just come back from test ride on highway because This evening I instal IAC on TB ,I been cruising 65 on I-79 when one 3000GT 9not VR-4) pull side by me , guy hit horn and with hand try tell me do I wanna race (roll from 70) , I say way not , after one race with other 3000GT and Dodge Stealth this gonna be trird race with those fast cars :rlaugh: , he hit horn 3 times and he flored , I do it down shift from 5th to 3rd flored than on 5500 hit 4th , on 110 he is already 3-5 cars behind

    I love beat cars with 222HP and thiny 205ft-lbs :banana:

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  9. omg... good thing for u it wasnt a Stealth RT, those car are damn fast, like 350hp twin-turbo..

    Good Kill :nice:
  10. I already say this wasnt 3000GT VR-4 , so that mean Stealth R/T because those cars runn 13s :notnice:

  11. Um... no. I cant even remember the last time I SAW a Stealth... turbo or not! Let alone a 350 hp one (which I have never seen... ever.)

    Man they suck. I remember when they first came out. I was in high school and everyone thought they were sooo cool. I smoked em left and right with my dad's '86 IROC.
  12. Interesting you guys should mention the Stealth. There was a white twin turbo stealth at the track last weekend, running mid 12's. So they're not all slow :D

  13. The Stealth R/T comes with like 320HP/317TQ at the fly wheel. I believe that is the same as the VR-4 :shrug: Either way they are not that fast unless you dump quite a bit of $$ into them, that and they weight alot and as far as maintnance these things are nightmares......just changing plugs out will run you a couple hundred $$ due to how the engines sit sideways and at a wierd angle :shrug:
  14. kk
  15. i wouldnt talk to much crap

    my next door neighbor has a turbo civic with a crv motor in it and it runs 12.70's so some of you guys shouldnt talk so much crap about ricers. we need to watch out for guys like him.

    anybody that can make a civic run 12's has my respect :hail2:

  16. yeah but its really expansive all these japenese crap, but all the cash that he put in his civic in your stang and u will do low 11
  17. "Posted by Zero Signal - 08-29-03 at 08:56 PM
    I can appreciate a sleeper import or otherwise commonly riced out car. The way I see it, the guys who take a car and make it a crazy sleeper have basicly the same attitude as we (Mustang fans) do. They want to show up the cars that are widely known to be much faster. Like me, I want eventually show up some hot-headed spoiled kid with his Z06 and another jackass with a new Camaro who thinks it's almost litterally the fastest car ever made

    The import sleepers like to go for Mustangs and such. I can appreciate that, just makes me feel better to actually own one of the most sought after car to race and brag about for some reason I goto some car clubs or gatherings and everyone seems to talk about how he beat this Mustang or his friend once smoked a 5.0, I get an honest kick out of it. The guys with the sleeper imports tend to strike me as more intellegent and goal oriented than the other bunch they tend to be associated with. I got my ass handed to me by this one guy in a skeeper Eclipse awhile back and I couldn't help but ask him to show me his setup, and in talking to him, I was impressed at how well he knew his stuff.

    That's a far cry from the majority though. There is one dude in town with a Civic running 14lbs of boost. I doubt he could have pointed out a fuel injector if his life depended on it but he tried to sound like he knew what he was talking about and ended up stumbling over his own words alot. He ran consistent 17's and continued to think his car and driving was the ****nit. "

    the not knowing what your talking about goes both ways. I was talking to this kid that just got this 95 cobra and i asked what he has done and he said it was stock but he and his dad where putting a supercharger and a high stal convertor on his cobra. :bang: :bang: I was like wow you must have the only auto cobra in the world he was like no its a stick. :shrug: :rlaugh:
  18. :shrug: what does "kk" mean :shrug:

    Edit: never mind...lol "Know Kidding"
  19. nah it's just like ok but it's kk like oh ok or ok ok!

    lol :D