Just for fun, RICERS stories here!

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  1. Lol, yeah I have spoken to plenty of non-ricer guys who don't know much. I really don't mind someone who doesn't know much, everyone has to learn soemtime, so it's all good. The only ones that bother me are the guys who will argue about it when they are totally wrong, or who have major loud-mouths about things that they just truely don't understand.

    That's when I get perturbed and hold back the urge to tell them off. I will generally try to casually correct them without being condescending, but it doesn't always fly, we all know how that goes :bang: You try to help them out and it it just comes back like you just dissed his grandma. But that's the ricer way. . .you have to always be pissed off and ready to spread the animosity and idiocy to those who really want to have nothing to do with it. :shrug:

    OT: man, that's rediculous. . .it put **** in for the word s h i z n i t . . .come on!
  2. The other day I was coming home from work and I saw a white civic with a boost gauge and some other gauges on the pillar and some gay bodykit decal's upside down and backward so no one could read it any way.

    The kid looked like fred durst.

    I said to my self cool i wonder what a turbo civic would do against me.

    about 2 weeks later i get him at a light with some other VW and they are going to race up the hill.

    I feal bad for these guys so I pull in the middle of the and stop at there bumpers.
    I let the light turn so they car get a head start.

    Bam! slam the gas down and instantly jump up to them while spining the tires at 3k the 2 ricers look over in owe and **** them self's as i pull up the hill to 65 and lead by about 15 car length's (i kid you not I guess thoughs car dont like hill's)

    I get to the next light and the guy in the white honda says nice car its fast. I say thx and nothing really positive i could say about his car, so he says that car pretty fast huh. I look at the blue VW that i just blew away and i said that other honda? then he points in front of him and its a brandiw new. 350Z

    He says there fast take him on.

    We get to the light and the guy doesnt look at me at all so i fig well were not racing.

    I take off as usual get into second and we was going pulled about a car lenght on me and i was pissed i would have owned him off the line.

    So my car drops back to first and i see his next snap to the mirror as he hears my 5.0 roar. I was creeping on him till 60 then shut down quick for upcoming traffic.

    Not bad for my 10 year old car vs a 275hp rated 2 seater.
  3. This one time I was just cruising around town and this prelude rolled up next to me some dumb ass buimpin his korean rap thinking hes bad ass, I just kinda snickered and went on my way. the next thing I know he's ridin my ass so I give it a little gas, he rices into the next lane and gets an inch on my bumper and then I hit third and ate his ass alive. The guy won't look me in the eye to this day.
    By the way, when I'm at the street races and a see a honda that says civic on the windshield, I ask him, what kind of car is it?

  4. Hahhahaha nice kill
  5. Lol, yeah I've done that, they love that.
  6. Rice On Rice Violence!

    I was driving from Paducah Kentucky on my way back home to TN when this Mirage that looked like a rainbow fell on it and it honestly looked like he had a mail box for a muffler eased up behind me. Anyway, I was driving my Q (hopped up Nissan) doing about 80 and I guess since he didn't want a ticket he started to tailgate or as we in the south call it drafting. It was late not very much traffic so I just let the Q loose and he tried so hard to keep up I felt a little sorry for him but as in nature only the strong and smart survive and by looking at that car he was neither.
  7. lol

    umm anyone has other rice stories ? :D keep em coming, always funny.
  8. Now im a big fan of mustangs just cause of the raw torque they give you, but u also gotta give credit where credits due. I know the arguement bout makin imports fast cost soo much money, and it does, but anyone who puts the time and blood into their honda or mitsu, to make it run 12's, well they get a thumbs up in my book. Well as long as they are cool bout v8s just like imports. Just my 2 cents.

  9. bah, v8 win all the way... it's less expensive(mods), sound awesome and looks good :nice:
  10. With the same amount of money and time, you can have a v8 running 10's. You cannot compare 4 cylinders firing per revolution with 2. Just wasting time in my opinion!

    I want to say that it is cool to try to make a car that normally doesn't get "hot rodded" really fast, but ricers always try, and that makes it just as common as v8's but simply pathetic!.

    I do want to emphasize v8, not mustang. The new LS1's are beasts!!! But damn, 700 for a set of headers?? What is that. Gotta love dual exhaust!

    On that note, anyone know why the 5.0 and the 4.6 sound 10 times better than the LT1/LS1 (petwey!)? The sound alone was enough to get me to buy the 5L.
  11. I love it when the honda guys flash their hazards after second gear. Maybe ricers buy slow ass cars because they are afraid of real speed. I was at the races one night when some dumbass riped the e-brake and slid right into my co-worker's monte SS, I think it's because he couldn't see past his oversized tach, or maybe he was blinded by his shift light.l :stick:

  12. omg, i guess the owner of the monte carlo ss was happy?
  13. Whats wrong with Monte's? They are cheap and easy to mod and are also V8's. I had a pretty well built one that ate almost anything that came to dinner. Then again, I spent an @$$load of money on it.....

    Ricers are hilarious, but there are some imports 4/6 cyls worth modding. Some, like the first gen AWD DSM's would probably surprise a few of you on this board...

  14. lol i dun think u undestood my post with the monte's... I love monte carlo they look good and they'r powerful
  15. lol, my fault, sorry.

    (You forgot to mention that they can handle, lol)
  16. The best was today when I was sitting at a light with my buddy in the car and there was some kid in his mommy's civic. And he started revving in neutral (automatic) and I really didn't pay attention cus it happens a lot. And then when the light turns I hear *chirp and then his engine rev way up high... he neutral dropped it and blew the tranny! haha... so I just popped the clutch a little and left 2 strips of rubber.

    The next one pisses me off... I was just cruising and a guy in a neon, full body kit and hood that are all miss-matched, coffee can, etc... pulled up behind me ridding my ass... so I go into the next lane to let him pass, he gets up next to me and tries to get me to race. HIS KID IS IN THE PASSENGER SEAT, UN-BUCKLED AND SLEEPING!!! I was just like WTF?!

    Another was when I was at school and the typical star football player... going into A1 football player in college. Drives some civic with fart can and stickers, auto, etc, etc... one day he talks **** like he can beat me... so when I saw him driving one day and I just gave him a little run to shut him up and the next day at school he is like is that thing a stick? I say yea... he is like OH! I thought you just drove it like that... I was like drive it like what? Breaking the tranny so I can move the stick sideways? OH WELL!

    I think the worst is when someone doesn't know what they are talking about and try to sound smart. It just pisses me off. And all the guys at school know it does and that I know what I'm talking about most of the time, cus I taught a lot of them what they know... or got them into the car scene. And when someone starts to talk all "high and mighty" they find me and are just like, "hey go make this kid feel stupid, I love it when you do that!"

    Sorry this is so long!
  17. Yeah, the real import guys know what their cars can do and what they can beat. We're just like every other car guy who likes modding their cars and having fun. Even the show car guys are cool. I normally just cruise down the street and wait for people to come up next to me. What makes me laugh are the guys in the cobras and Z28's that come up next to me trying to get me to race. I just look at them and laugh. I begin to wonder what they tell their buddies later on. "Man, I raced this ricer 4 banger and whooped his ass!" Like it's some kind of accomplishment. I do give some older GT's and F bodies a run if they want one sometimes. We're pretty evenly matched so it's always fun. I do enjoy however the occasional retard in the neon or the civic with a wing they stole from Boeing or Lockheed who pulls up next to me and want's a race. Especially if his girlfriend is in the car. Who cares if she's ugly, making her boyfriend look like a dip**** is fun.
  18. The best is when I get the guys girlfriend checkin me out at a stop light or when they turn left in front of me at a light. That is always the best.
  19. Racing a Honda is like racing in the Special Olympics, Even if you win your still retarded :D
  20. yeah, he was pissed, I was pissed too, because I sold it to him. It has a piece of $hit 305 witth a 790 spreadbore, I miss that car. His car didn't get that ****ed up though. He just blew his water pump again tonight :chair: