Just for fun, RICERS stories here!

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  1. hehhe
  2. HAHAHA omg these are one of the bests ive read so far hahaha
  3. i just raced my Student Relations Advisor, or whatever you call him. it was really funyn b/c he came up to me ont eh street adn reved at me so i was like why not. besides it being really horrible for him(like a 90 somethign probe gt w/ rims and can) it was hilarious for me.
  4. You guys are JUST as bad as the guys on VTECH.COM or ACURAWORLD or any other import/compact "tuner" site...

    Who cares about RICERS... whenever they dare rev their little engines at me, I dont even BOTHER trying to race.
  5. there was this guy talkin **** about mustangs last saturday night(dodge stratus R/T) so he pulls away and squels them thinking hes all big and bad. I end up getting behind him a bit later and he gets on it on these back roads with long straight aways and hard corners(fields everywhere). I never even shifted out of 3 and had to break not to hit him on the straightaways. In the corners, he just couldn't pull away from me. the dirty bastard was in the middle of the road so i couldn't pass him. I got sick of braking so i said i proved my point. Now don't u know, that a$$hole tells all of his friends that he beat me, and that i got scared and drove away. I could kill him. Next time its on the track and we'll see whats up.
  6. I hear ya racin, but I sure dont see ya racin!

  7. love the sound of your exaust :D
  8. at least you guys beat all the ricers. i lost to this hyundai.

  9. funny stuff

    This is some of the funniest stuff ive heard this is my best story recently driving to the mall in my 95 gt lotta work done to it anywaz im just cruisn not messing around and all of a sudden theres this mint green girl colored civic behind me hes been following me for like 5min now and he keeps rev his car up at me sounds like popcorn being made behind me so finnally he gets next to me and looking all hard likes hes racing then i notcie he is actually racing by listing to his exuast so by this time were going around a slight curve so i downshift romp on it all the way shift into second kick it out 1/3 sideways scare the **** out of him so bad he runs himself off the road hilarous he didnt get hurt or mess up his car though but i pulled over made sure and laughed me ass off at him :D
  10. rudeone707, dont feel bad. I ran an all motor integra once and got :owned: . I even got the reaction time at the stoplight and beat him off the line.

  11. ?? LOL! hahahahahahahha

    RudeOne: Did u really get beat by this fugly hyundai with this airplane wing?
  12. yeah he had stock tiburon fuel managemant system, tiburom intake manifold. No im playin i was just on that road and i could pass up taking a pic. We should start a "Funniest Ricer Pic" Thread.
  13. rudeone707, damn you. I knew something was fishy about that car because I beat one from a 40 roll in my v6 stang. I was gonna say something is seriousley wrong with your car.


    Heres a direct link to the vid I posted above. Sorry for you 56k guys its like 41megs.

    But trust me its worth it.
  14. If i got beat by that POS i would blow up my car or push my car off a hill. PS i wasnt racing him, but i did rev in him but he would look.
  15. Yeah, the integra I raced was all motor had a fart can and when we raced there was no BOV. We both went into taco hell and he had a turbo timer on the car. WTF.