Just Found A 1990 Saleen For $3000

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  1. Fun story for the day, curious to what you all think. I'm a craigslist junkie and noticed a 5.0 saleen appear for 4500 last week. I ditched work and drove to the trailerpark in a shady neighborhood to check it out. The poor car was sitting in the street bleeding out of every orifice on her. clearcoat peeling off, ductape holding the front groundeffects on. The rather large gentleman selling it had a beautiful 07 vette and two brand new motorcycles in front of his singlewide trailer. He tells me he acquired the vehicle and title. Starts up great, but leaking ton of fluid from tail shaft on tranny. drive it around the block and warm it up, runs good but definitely missing some oil pressure. Got out of it and noticed sweet white smoke blowing from driverside exhaust, lol. I do another walk around and notice two bullet holes in the door! I'm cracking up at this point laughing at the poor car. I felt bad for the car and told the guy 1500 and he finally settles on 3000. Anybody think i paid too much for a 90 with a much needed tranny/ engine rebuild/ plus some new paint? Wont hurt my feelings if i did pay too much. I hate crackheads trashing mustang history and probably would have paid 4000 just to save her.

    Either way shes sitting in my garage with 3200 in parts on order. Going to try trickflows 360hp engine kit. http://www.summitracing.com/parts/tfs-k514-360350b . pulling the motor/tranny today.
    p.s. bullet hole #1 is right under passenger side mirror if you can zoom in/

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  2. Leaky everything, in need of an engine rebuilt, rough exterior shape complete with bullet holes? You gave him a heck of a lot more money that I would have....but then, I've never seen the additional value commanded by the Saleen models? :shrug:
  3. although i wouldn't have paid that much, i'm glad someone did and is giving her a new lease on life. keep us updated with the progress!
  4. Don't mean to rain on your parade but, that looks like it needs about 10k of work to it

    engine- 3-4k
    trans- 1k
    suspension- 1k
    bodywork/paint- 2-4k

    Here is another one for reference. Guy is asking $9500


    Unless you plan on doing most of the work yourself, that could easily become a money pit. Good luck and please post pics of the progress.
  5. ^^^I think the engine trans could/should be cheaper, but bodywork and paint would be a lot more.

    But if it's a Saleen, its a Saleen.
  6. more pics please! and i bet if you take your time and fix it slowly and properly it will be much less than expected and alot of fun.
  7. If it's a real Saleen at least he's got one. Work on it yourself and put her back in pristine condition. I look at it like a project, don't worry it's only money.
  8. lol thats pretty much what i expected. Yeah i verified that she is a real saleen, still has signature even. And yes it is only money, its either spend it on my wife or my cars, and well my cars put out more, lol Well engine rebuild is going to cost 3200 with the trickflow engine kit (cam,heads,rockers,vlv covers,gaskets, pushrods, and timing chain. The tranny is going to cost me 600 to rebuild plus 300 for a better clutch. my paint guy is amazing and a friend who will charge 1000 for body and paint with help. interior is surprisingly decent minus a couple holes where the bullets went into. What do you think about painting around the bullet holes to add character? Anyway about 6-8 grand to fix her up good enough to drive. And I've had 2 people offer me 4 grand for this thing just since i've gotten it back to my home town.

    20130625_132000.jpg 20130625_134144.jpg
  9. i like it, maybe too much money. but i wouldve bought it anyways just like you
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  10. Did he say he caused most of the damage to the car?

    3200 is a little steep, 700 more dollars off, and for a cool 2500, I would've bought it.

    But, like the rest said, I'm glad you're saving it.
  11. When you're buying with emotion, money seems to matter less.
  12. Are you just doing to top end on the engine, or are you planning on a complete rebuild? If you're going through the expense of doing an overbore with pistons, you'd be foolish not to take it a little further and stroke it....especially if you've got the engine that far tore down. A stroked 331/347 with a trick flow top end would be an awfully potent set up.
  13. the plan is to replace just the top end but check everything once the motor and tranny is out. how much does a good stroker kit cost these days? any recommendations?
  14. Im gonna have to go with the Banger of Gears on this one. With the lack of oil pressure and smoke, it's probably safe to say its gonna need bearings and a whole host of other crapola that a machinist would need to have a look at. Stroke it.
  15. Can't wait to hear some more history on it. Its obviously had an interesting life. Thanks for saving a Saleen. I love the history on those cars. You should read up on the collection of missing SSP cars and Mr. Saleen. Very good story.
  16. I bought my 331 kit through Coast High Performance last fall, with new 28oz balancer and billet steel flywheel for just under $1,200 after all was said and done. That was complete Probe forged pistons, rings, forged rods, SCAT cast crank, bearings, etc and balanced to boot. According to CHP, the internals are said to be good for about 550hp+, which is where the stock block goes South anyway.

    You'll spend half that on pistons, rings and bearings anyway, and I can't imagine the stock balancer and flywheel are in any kind of shape considering how the rest of the car was let go.....so may as well forge ahead and go with a new assembly. I picked up a pile of low end torque compared to my stock 302. The engine is really rev happy now as well.
  17. Put it back to pristine stock condition.
  18. If that was a plain ole 5.0...i'd say $1K tops, but it does appear to be a real Saleen.

    Would i have spent $3K? I dunno, but the change to restore a real Saleen would be almost worth it to me. Good luck
  19. not gonna say if it was worth the money not like it was 20k but i am hoping you do a killer rebuild job and post lots of pics along the way Good Luck Brotha!
  20. Thanks gearbanger I'll check that out today. for that price it really would be silly not to. this might end up being a all summer build, but really want to only build it once this time.

    sorry vibrant red but the motor has to be faster... I got this weird thing in my head where I have to make everything faster. but I promise that the interior and exterior will be put back to stock beautifully. white paint with black and grey interior. I have to say it's allot harder finding interior parts for this 1990 vs my 1972.