Just found the car.

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  1. Uhhhh........................... ok? :rolleyes:
  2. Needs bigger turbos
  3. bah...all show and no go. :D
  4. it has a sbc in it... boooooo
  5. starts bidding at 50k and hints at wanting 180k. but has a crappy description and few pics...

    if you want to sell it then go in depth. especially for that amount of money.

  6. Y'know, I said the same thing. I even went to their web page to try and confirm it myself.... Got a lot of eyestrain looking at the pics; but I don't think it's an SBC. Doesn't look like it has siamesed exhaust ports, and the waterpump looks wrong (almost looks like an FE pump with the "standoff mounts" that serve as water ports).

    Of course, it looks like the dizzy (or at least its mounting location) is on the wrong end of the motor - typical GM/Mopar trait :notnice: Hated that on my one-ton's 350; hate it on our two V6's (cut-down 350's); glad it's covered under the 7/70 on the wife's Ram's 360 (somebody else's problem for another few years :D ).

    Still Dreamin'
  7. Yeah, he does mention it's a SBC. :( I also thought he needed A LOT more info in order to sell it for, as you saw, around 180k. I also want more info. :) Just thought it was an interesting car. .
  8. I'd love to take it for a ride... upon further though it'd take me for a ride :) its all good though mid 7's....dam