Just Got ''11 V6 Perf Pkg .. Questions.

Discussion in '2010 - 2014 Specific Tech' started by scargoz, May 22, 2012.

  1. Hello - I just recently got an '11 v6 premium w/Performance Package.

    It is perfect!

    The "automatic" rear-view mirror doesn't seem to be. I've got a few tips
    from reading already. Has anyone "downsized"? That thing is HUGE!
    The main beef is it blocks a lot of the forward vision. Is there a smaller
    version from a previous year? It has the SYNC mic, a light sensor,
    and compass in it. Maybe a suggestion to improve the articulation?

    LOUD - well, not loud enough! I think I like the Bassani axle back,
    and an Airaid CAI. The sound clips on youtube etc. lead me in this direction.
    A lot of recommendations are to hear them (exhaust) in person. I have not
    been to any shows, and the kids keep the schedule full so I'll have to
    go without first hand listening. (Where to get? American Muscle has a good price,
    AutoAnything is a little better $40 - suggestions welcome, the options seem too many).

    Its awsome to drive around. And for ecopony - that is my nod to the V6 part. It
    is not exactly eco at 19.6mpg for the week!