Just got a brand new Lighning!

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by Aibal, Dec 30, 2003.

  1. Just got a brand new Lightning!

    WOW!! This is a really nice truck!! Its almost as fast as my Mustang when Im spraying it. Im done with the stang now...its going for sale...From now on its SVT for ME!!
  2. Congrats...they are nice trucks.
  3. Congratulations, can we see some pics? :nice:

    CANTONRACER, What mods do you have on your Z28 to get high 11’s?
    I wonder because I raced a 97ish Z28 once and to my surprise he was holding his own and I’ve always wondered what kind of mods he could have had. :shrug:
  4. To many just to run those times...seriously though..at the time it was a 388", horrible flowing heads, small cam, 3.73 gear, 3500 stall, long tubes and most boltons...that was my 02 combo.

    Now if I have had my new parts...a different story...easy 10's.

    Less weight,
    Lightweight rims/tires(skinnies up front)
    real exhaust,
    more compression,
    solid roller setup,
    And big ole' honking AFR 220 LT4 cylinder heads.

    Just need to get it together now.

    For a LT1 to keep up with a car trapping 120+, could be a big ole' n2o kit or a small n2o kit with a heads/cam setup or something like mine. Even then, 120+ is still alot of MPH to be hanging with for most.
  5. Congrats, Aibal. The Lightnings are definately some awesome trucks. You will be surprised how easy it is to get into the 12's.

    I just traded 2001 in a few days ago on a '04 Cobra, but I enjoyed every minute I was in the Lightning.
  6. They are awesome. A group of us dyno'ed with a Local Corvette Club in November. They had a trophy for the most RWHP, which was won by a Local Lightning-458 RWHP, his 415 cid Stroker C5 FRC pulls 450rwhp and a little more on the tq side.

    Great Purchase, you will be happy, let the Modding begin.