Just got back from Itally

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  1. yep... really tired here at school... all the cars over there suck they're all these little hybrid cars, i saw only like 5 Ferraris, and the only fords i saw were focus'. I only saw one chevrolet which was a v6 camaro which was pretty cool. *yawn* glad to be back in the US its soooooo much better!!

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  2. well at $13 per quart of oil, oil changes cost 65 for just the oil, that ma 'splain some of it
  3. Did you see the all new Ford Focus which can hang with the Evo's and STI's? Unfortunately we will never see one of those in America...
  4. yeah the gas over there is about 6 eruo for how many increments they measure it by, and premium was like 11 which is about 16 american dollers.

    Yeah one of the focuses sounded and looked bad ass i thought it was an svt at first but then it didn't say svt on it it had some sort of other badge on it... wish i had gotten a closer look at it...
  5. why did u go to italy?
  6. school trip, plus who doesn't wanna see itally? every one here hasta admit if they had the chance they would wanna go see it
  7. I've heard that Italy has a horrid smell, is it true?
  8. Really I just got back from Italy to man on saturday night...Jet lag sucks though but anyway the cars suck so much... Italy is suppose to be the ferrari capital and i didn't see even one...Where in Italy did u go? :flag: :flag: :flag:
  9. ok italy is the worst smelling place i've been, even worse then the fish market in NYC, and the Purdue factory around here.

    We went to naples, rome, florence, vienice, and several smaller towns like pieza. yeah i saw one ferari on the road and the others i saw at a ferrari dealership, which was pretty cool cus they had 2 360 modena's which go for about $250,000 on ebay so they were prolly aorund 300,000 euro. As far as fast cars go i saw 2 porsches one behind the other blow by our tour bus that was going like 65, like we were standing still. But seeing a v6 camaro in rome had to be one of the car highlights besides seeing all those damn smart cars and 3 wheeled trucks.
  10. I would love to go to Italy. I went to Spain twice for two weeks each time and loved every second of it. The cars were cool as well. It's a nice change from the American things we have here.
  11. Yeah it was a nice change but ide rather be here the food is so much better and by better i mean theres more of it
  12. ide rather go to germany and rent me a lambo or sumthin
  13. germany didn't seem that special during the lay overs....
  14. yeah well there are speed limits in some placs on the autobahn its not as fast as you wanna go all the time
  15. There's speed limits on our roads for a reason. Mainly to keep the idiot/immature morons that don't know how to handle their cars in check.
  16. plus they hafta be 18 over there to drive
  17. I have to admit that Europe has the best transportation system around, the trains are electric, but super fast. Very impressive.
  18. I lived in Europe for 8 years. Germany was definately my favorite country to be in. Never made it to Italy, but also lived in Belgium. Went to Holland, France, Spain, Luxemburg, England.

    Germany is the only country that actually has "no speed" limits, but they are on the autobahn and are only located in the empty places between cities. Other than that, the speed limit is usually 65mph.

    Europe sure does have some of the most F'ed up looking vehicles in the world. As mentioned was three-wheeled death traps, and other abominations of the road. Not to mention that their cars have a lot less safety features than is required here in the US.

    One of my favorites was the 2 cylinder Renaults, or the optional higher powered three-cylinder beast!

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